Parish Church of the Apostles Philip and James

Oberndorf in Tirol, Lindenweg 5

Pfarrkirche Oberndorf in Tirol


Before a church was built, a chapel stood on this site. The parish church - consecrated to the patron saints Philip and James - was first mentioned in 1422. In 1733/34 the church was rebuilt.

The Oberndorf parish church is a baroque hall building with a three-bay nave followed by a single-bay choir with high round-arched windows. On the north side of the choir is the church tower with large and high windows.

Stuccoed capitals with rose garlands and lavish foliage and ribbonwork decorate the choir and the nave. During the last renovation in 1991, experts confirmed that it is very valuable Wessobrunn stucco.

The high altar shows the Mother of God Mary with her child. The two side altars - simpler in their construction than the high altar - date from 1665.

In 1908, a fire spread to the church and destroyed the roof truss, the steeple and the belfry including the bells. The church was restored in the same year. The new bells were melted down again for the 1st World War, and the next ones fell victim to the 2nd World War.

The present bells were cast in 1949 by the Grassmayr bell foundry in Innsbruck and consecrated by Cathedral Dean Daniel Etter from Salzburg.

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