St. Johann in Tirol, Lacknerweg 4

Namaste Yoga Martina Kaufmann

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Move. Feel. Relax.
Get your energy flowing

Many people come to rest internally during their physical yoga practice because they are distracted in that moment by the coordination of breath and movement, and are thus present.

Pain affects our daily lives, directly impacting our well-being, concentration and motivation. The good thing is that often they are just adhesions and tensions that can be released with a few simple, individually tailored stretching exercises.

You may be familiar with the expression "monkey mind" ... when thoughts just don't want to settle down and our mind restlessly jumps from branch to branch. It is very useful to find a relaxation method that suits you.

Yoga for children and families
It's just fun for the little ones to try out yoga positions like the cat, the dog & co. In playful yoga for children, yoga, breathing, relaxation, and concentration exercises, as well as various movement games, improve body and sensory perception, and increase self-esteem and concentration.

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