Getting here by car

Experience the St. Johann in Tirol region by car!

The St. Johann in Tirol region has an excellently developed road traffic network. The main roads and the minor roads proceed through the dreamy landscape of the Kitzbühel Alps - mountain panorama included. This is an adventure in itself. There are many different options available to get to St. Johann in Tirol, from wherever you are travelling. We have compiled all the important information about getting here by car and about getting about when you get here!

Getting to the St. Johann in Tirol region

  • From Munich (135 km) via the Inntalautobahn A12, travel via Kufstein Süd, via Eiberg (173) and the 178 main road; toll free travel from Germany until the Kufstein Süd motorway exit;

  • From Innsbruck (90 km) via the Inntalautobahn A 12, Wörgl Ost exit, 178 main road;

  • From Salzburg (60 km) via the A1 or the A10 until the Salzburg West exit, or the Bad Reichenhall (A8) exit, main road 21 (D), via Lofer and main road 178;

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Compulsory vignette on Austrian motorways and expressways

Vignettes are compulsory on Austrian motorways and expressways for all cars, motorbikes and mobile homes! Vignettes can be purchased mainly at filling stations or online, digitally with just a click.

Please note that you need to purchase a Vignette before you use a road where a Vignette is required and position it to the windscreen of your vehicle. Anyone is who caught without a valid Vignette will have to pay considerable fines.

To reduce the amount of through traffic through the town of Kufstein a Vignette dispensation has been introduced up to the Kufstein-Süd motorway exit.

Since 2018 a digital Vignette has also been available for purchase. They are easy and convenient to purchase in the Web shop or activated via the free App "Unterwegs".


Mobile in town

Train and bus travel are included with the Guest Card for the St. Johann in Tirol region!

During your holiday in the St. Johann in Tirol region you can also treat your car to some downtime, after all, bus and train travel are included with the Guest Card. This means you have the opportunity to explore the towns in the Kitzbühel Alps in comfort, without having to pay any additional costs.


Frequently asked questions about getting here by car!

Good to know

  • Yes, in Austria Vignettes are compulsory on motorways and designated roads. PLEASE NOTE: Since 15.12.2019 a Vignette has no longer been required for the A12 section (Kufstein - Kufstein Süd border)!

  • No. Since 01.01.2008 driving with lights during the day is no longer a statutory requirement. However the Austrian Safety Authorities recommend headlights be switched on to help you stay safe on the road.

  • It is compulsory for all car drivers to carry high-visibility vests in Austria. These high-visibility vests must be worn by drivers of multi-lane vehicles when positioning a breakdown triangle on rural roads. Wearing the vest is compulsory on a motorway or other major road when the driver leaves the vehicle and is standing on the road or on the hard shoulder area.

  • As in most European countries, using a mobile phone while driving without a hands-free device is prohibited. Anyone caught doing so will face considerable fines.

  • Express roads and out of town: 100 km/hr, on motorways 130 km/hr and in built-up areas 50 km/hr;

  • In Austria there is an upper alcohol limit level of 0.5 per mille.

  • In Austria you ought to have a First Aid kit, a breakdown triangle and a reflective vest in your vehicle.

  • AS of 1.1.2008 winter tyres have been made compulsory between 1 November and 15 April. Conditions do not necessarily have to be "wintry". As an alternative to winter tyres, snow chains can be used. Parked cars are excluded from this.

  • In the event of a traffic jam or stop-and-go traffic, creating a rescue lain is compulsory on Austrian motorways and expressways. More information available at