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Hörndlingergraben - "Hennerleiter" Spielberghaus 259 & 278


  • Partially open
  • HardLevel
  • access_time4:00 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt21,0 kmDistance
  • terrain1663 mHighest point
  • trending_up870 mUphill
  • trending_down870 mDownhill

Tour information

The tour starts at the Gasthof Eiserne Hand in Fieberbrunn and turns right into the Hörndlinger Graben. Follow the path into the valley, through the tunnels and past the small waterfalls "Schreiende Brunnen". Follow the gravel road to the valley station of the TirolS Bahn or to the "Pulvermacherscherm" snack station. TIP: Take the tour in the morning and have breakfast at the Pulvermacherscherm!
The tour 259 "Eiserne Hand - Hörndlingergraben" ends here: 4.3 km / 220 m / 1 h driving time / medium 

Tour 278 Gerstboden - Hennerleiter - Spielberghaus - Burgeralm: ATTENTION: this part is track closed due to woodwork.
Approx. 350 m before the Pulvermacherscherm, the tour branches off to the left. It goes up the serpentines of the "Hennerleiter". After the first steep bends, keep to the right in the direction of Gerstbodenalm (no refreshment stop!). Continue up the forest road to the Wetterkreuz (chairlift station). Pass the station, keep slightly left and continue uphill - above the reservoir - to the edge of the forest. Here you have completed the metres in altitude uphill! Cross the meadow and follow the gravel road downhill towards Spielberghaus. If you have a choice, you have a choice: either stop off at the Spielberghaus or continue for a few minutes to the Burgeralm. It pays off in both cases! From the Burgeralm back down into the valley to Gasthof Eiserne Hand.

Total tour 259 / 278 / Hennerleiter: 21 km / 870 m uphill / 4 h driving time / difficult


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Hörndlingergraben - "Hennerleiter" Spielberghaus 259 & 278


  • check difficult / black
  • Gasthof Eiserne Hand
  • Pulvermacheralm
  • gravel



Wiegalm Circuit

Wiegalm CircuitHard
Wiegalm Circuitaccess_time3:00 harrow_right_alt23,1 kmfavorite_borderfavorite

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