Wohlfühlweg, Path of wellbeing

Westendorf, Schulgasse 2

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A place to relax and feel good

The well-being trail in Westendorf is there for everyone who wants to (re) discover the mountain, woodland and nature for themselves again. Each station provides another fascinating view to the beautiful village of Westendorf and its hamlets. Glacial erratics which have an archaic sun spiral, designed by Mr Klaus Dörre, show the route, as opposed to the usual signposts. "The well-being trail in Westendorf is for everyone, from child to senior citizen", explain Markus and Anna Decker, who came up with the idea and the design concept for the project.

The well-being trail starts close to the valley station for the "Alpenrosenbahn" cable car which has a climbing station and continues via the "Water labyrinth" to Bichling via the "Sandfang" station. From here, a twenty metre, self-supporting wooden bridge takes you to the romantic fountain at the “Wasserschlössl” station.

The streams gurgle in the water labyrinths and ponds. Alcoves in the woodlands made from fragrant beech wood tempt you to day-dream, or you could lie down on the harmonising Swiss pine. A wooden bridge proceeds across a creek bed.

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