Riding and driving stable Henntalhof

Kitzbühel, Unterbrunnweg 21



The Henntalhof is a renowned riding and driving stable in Kitzbühel, which offers riding lessons and rides for riding enthusiasts of all ages. From Thursday to Sunday you have the possibility to take riding lessons on our well trained school horses. We also offer horseback rides through the beautiful Kitzbühel mountains. If you would like to bring your own horse, there is also the possibility to take riding lessons with your private horse, even if it is not in our stable. For the duration of your Kitzbühel vacation, you are welcome to board your horse with us.

Our offer includes different types of riding lessons. In the lungeing lessons you have the possibility to receive intensive individual lessons for 30 minutes. Group lessons last 50 minutes and offer the opportunity to learn with other riders. For those who already have experience, we also offer rides of 50 minutes. We also have attractive blocks of ten for individual and group lessons, as well as lunge lessons.


We are closed on 24.12. and 25.12.2023!!!

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