• Angath
  • Angerberg
  • Brixen im Thale
  • Erpfendorf
  • Fieberbrunn
  • Hochfilzen
  • Hopfgarten
  • Kelchsau
  • Kirchberg
  • Kitzbühel
  • Kirchbichl
  • Kirchdorf
  • Itter
  • St. Jakob in Haus
  • St. Johann in Tirol
  • St. Ulrich am Pillersee
  • Mariastein
  • Westendorf
  • Oberndorf
  • Waidring
  • Wörgl

Safety on the mountain

Signposting of the hiking and mountain trails in the St. Johann in Tirol region!

The emphasis in the Kitzbühel Alps is on safety in the mountains. That is why there is standardised signposting for the hiking and mountain trails: Yellow route signposts end red-white-red ground markings. In addition, the mountain trails that require Alpine expertise from hikers, are marked according to difficulty level.

Medium difficult (‘red’) mountain trails are often narrow and steep, and may be exposed in parts. There may be short, secured walking sections, or short sections where it may be beneficial to use your hands. These routes should only be tackled by mountain hikers who are sure-footed and who have a good level of endurance, with appropriate mountain equipment and Alpine experience.

Difficult (‘black’) mountain trails are narrow, mostly steep and in an exposed location. There may be sections of climbing (sections where you use your hands to keep moving) or longer secured sections. These routes should only be tackled by mountain hikers who are sure-footed and who have a good level of endurance, with appropriate mountain equipment and Alpine experience.

Anyone who does not feel secure getting to a destination point by themselves can be shown the proper way with the help of a qualified hiking guide. A tour as part of a hiking group is even more fun.

Mountain trail classification

Classification Technical difficulty level What is required of hikers
Hiking trail • Generally accessible walking route
• Wide facility, with few inclines/drops
• No mountaineering experience and mountain equipment necessary
Red mountain trail • Moderately difficult, predominantly narrow, often steep
• Short secured walking and climbing sections may be present
• Alpine experience required
• Appropriate level of physical fitness
• Sure-footed
• Minimum mountain equipment
Black mountain trail • Difficult, narrow, almost all of the route is very steep, often
• longer secured climbing sections
• good Alpine experience
• good level of fitness
• total sure-footedness and a head for heights
• appropriate mountain equipment
Alpine route • very difficult
• high Alpine terrain, at times not signposted and exposed paths
• unsecured walking and climbing sections
• total sure-footedness, head for heights and good level of fitness
• appropriate mountain equipment
• excellent orientation skills

Tirol Mountain Rescue emergency app

Report an emergency with the Smartphone App!

Using the Smartphone App you can report an emergency to the Tirol control centre ‘without speaking’. The exact location of the accident is then automatically determined in the control centre and the message passed to the Mountain Rescue team. The optimised report, alarm and rescue chain is a quantum leap in contemporary mountain rescue procedures. Automatic, speedier and more precise location of an injured mountaineer in the control centre in means a more efficient rescue on the ground and from the air. More prompt care of the patient can save lives and minimise long-term effects. Time and costs for the mountain deployment are reduced too.


Latest weather forecast for the St. Johann in Tirol region!

    Today 2021-10-21

  • sun, clouds, rain
  • ac_unitMin.6 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.14 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation60 % (3.4 mm)
  • flagWindNord 3 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk10 %

    Tomorrow 2021-10-22

  • mainly cloudy, some sun
  • ac_unitMin.5 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.11 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation20 % (0.5 mm)
  • flagWindNord 4 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk0 %

    Tomorrow 2021-10-23

  • sunny
  • ac_unitMin.2 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.11 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation10 % (0 mm)
  • flagWindNordost 4 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk0 %

    Tomorrow 2021-10-24

  • sunny
  • ac_unitMin.0 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.14 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation0 % (0 mm)
  • flagWindSued 4 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk0 %

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