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Kaiserbachtal Kirchdorf Griesenau


KAISERBACH VALLEY - a magnificent excursion in summer and winter

The Kaiserbach Valley is situated in the Kaiser mountains nature reserve and extends from Kirchdorf’s hamlet of Griesenau to Stripsenjoch. The pristine valley is flanked by the rugged Wilder Kaiser in the east and by Feldberg and Zahmer Kaiser in the north. The 9,260-hectare nature reserve is home to a fauna and flora that is unique in the Northeastern Limestone Alps.

Kaiserbach valley is starting point for countless peak hikes, challenging rock-climbing tours and winterly ski tours in the Kaiser Massif. The ridge hike from Stripsenjoch via Feldberg rewards with spectacular views during the hiking season.

All year round the leisurely hike along the wildly romantic Kaiserbach stream in the valley is very scenic. In addition the 7 stations of the Alpine Outdoor Gallery provide interesting information about animals, plants and the environment itself, as well as tips for the proper interaction with nature.

During summer the Schnackler adventure trail offers fun play stations for children and the mountain pine distillery Hofmann produces its high-quality mountain pine oil.

Predigtstuhl (Preacher’s Pulpit), Fleischbank (Meat Bank) and Totenkirchl (Church of the Dead) are names well known in the mountaineering and climbing community and stand as reminder of the dangers associated with climbing. The memorial chapel in Kaiserbach valley was built in 1984 to honor those mountaineers who died in the Kaiser Massif.

A 5-kilometer long toll road leads from Griesenau to the foot of the spectacular Wilder Kaiser Mountains at 1024 meters above sea level. The road is allowing also non-hikers to enjoy this magnificent mountain scenery. Here you can find the toll fees

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