Antonius chapel

St. Johann in Tirol, Bahnhofstraße

Antoniuskapelle St. Johann in Tirol


The Antonius Chapel is the earliest example of Baroque art in St. Johann and was built in 1666-1674 by Dean Jacob de Berti as his burial and memorial church.

The black and gold altar is in the courtly Baroque style and shows an altarpiece from northern Italy with St. Anthony of Padua. The high-quality statues of the mining patrons Barbara and Daniel, the plague patrons Rochus and Sebastian and the weather patrons Johannes and Paulus were created by the Kitzbühel sculptor Benedikt Faistenberger.

The dome contains a historically and artistically significant monumental cupola fresco by Josef Schöpf with a depiction of the St. Johann valley basin from 1803, which is considered to be the oldest landscape panorama painting in Tyrol.

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