A contemporary treasure hunt in the St. Johann in Tirol region!

Geocaching logo - St. Johann in Tirol region
Geocaching is best described as a kind of contemporary treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. In contrast to a traditional treasure hunt however, you follow the directions provided by a GPS device.

Give this blend of adventure and exploration a go - an ideal experience which will captivate adults and children and alike, and which makes many a Sunday stroll an adventure. An exciting digital hiking adventure!

A contemporary treasure hunt with a GPS device
Explore the Kitzbühel Alps in an especially exciting manner - with "Geocaching". As a "treasure-hunter", the Geocaching website provides a guide of the treasures in the surrounding area. With the coordinates from the guides, you can then head out on a route with your GPS device or Smartphone to collect the treasure, also known as a ‘cache’, and leave another one behind. The destination for the exciting search is a water-tight container which has a little gift for the finder and a log book.

Before you go, please register at All caches and coordinates can be found here.