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‘Austriacus’ state advertising award goes to ‘My Yapadu’

After Tirolissimo & the T.A.I. at the Werbegrandprix, St. Johann in Tirol tourism association, with Tom Jank agency, scooped the state advertising award ‘Austriacus’.

Tirolissimo St. Johann in Tirol region
For the second time, in November 2019 the Austrian state advertising prize ‘Austriacus’ was held in the Economic Chamber in Vienna as part of a festive gala event. Every 2 years at Austriacus, winners are awarded in 12 categories with gold, silver and bronze. Those participating were agencies which had already received an award at the state competitions (in Tirol this is ‘Tirolissimo’).

The Kitzbühel Alps St. Johann in Tirol tourist association were nominated for a prize at the Austriacus Gala in 2 categories (campaign, moving image). In the Campaign category which is regarded as the supreme discipline in the competition, the tourist association secured gold in Austriacus with their ‘My Yapadu’ concept. The ‘Austriacus’ was presented by ORF General Manager Alexander Wrabetz and by Angelika Sery-Froschauer, Chair of the Specialist Association for Advertising and Marketing Communications at the Federal Economic Chamber.

The judging panel came to this decision for the following reasons: ‘To position an entire region as a brand requires a clear identity, in order then to inspire a wide variety of target groups on all channels, without losing your own identity. This campaign has managed to do that – from appeal to aspiration, to pride, it's all right there.’

At the tourist association, joy at receiving the award again is huge. But we don’t want to rest on our laurels - at any rate, the journey around this theme of "happiness" has just started for the region.

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