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The Kitzbüheler Alpen provide double guarantee for best snow conditions

Sonnenskilauf in St. Johann in Tirol

The Kitzbüheler Alpen provide double guarantee for best snow conditions. Blessed by nature, secured by state-of-the-art technology against all contingencies. Enjoy winter fun in the heart of Tyrol with guaranteed snow. We have listed the ten most important reasons for guaranteed snow in the Kitzbüheler Alpen for you:

5 reasons for naturally guaranteed snow - Natural snow

  • North-west orographic barrier location by the main alpine ridge: With the mostly prevalent north-west weather conditions, the humid clouds accumulate by the main alpine ridge, providing strong snowfall in the Kitzbüheler Alpen.
  • Steady amounts of fresh snow: the average annual amount of fresh snow in Kitzbühel has remained constant since official recordings began in 1958. More than 2.5 meters of snow fall in the valley every year on average, a whole 8 meters on the mountains. Freak values as in winter 2006/07 have been recorded previously, as well. In 1989, 1972 or 1963, less than 140 cm of fresh fell during the season.
  • Wintry Hahnenkamm: since 1993, it has been clearly colder in the mountains of the Kitzbüheler Alpen with higher and more frequent snowfall, which also remains for longer. For nearly half a year, more than 20 cm of natural snow lie on the Hahnenkamm.
  • Direction of the slopes: most slopes are located in ideal north-, northeast or northwest facing locations, where the sun can only reach at a very wide angle, letting the snow remain much longer.
  • Alpine meadows as base: Alpine meadows provide the perfect base for ski slopes. While ski areas with stony or rocky base require multiple quantities of snow to allow skiing, 20 cm of compact snow cover is enough for perfect slopes in the Kitzbüheler Alpen. Tree belts on both sides of the slopes prevent snow drift.

5 reasons for guaranteed snow provided by technology

  • Number of snow generators: no less than 3,440 so-called snow generators provide guaranteed snow on 762 kilometers of slopes, that's 70 % of all slope mileage incl. skivariants.
  • Capacity of snow generators: with regard capacity, the snow generators in the Kitzbüheler Alpen are cutting-edge. Thus the entire ski area of St. Johann in Tirol can be covered simultaneously in snow in just 60 hours. In 72 hours, the Skiwelt can cover 110 kilometers of slopes, that's equal to the distance between SkiWelt and Munich.
  • Raw material for snow-making: 40 reservoirs with a total of around 2.5 million cubic meters of water provide for sufficient water for permanent snow-making during a long season.
  • Temperature fro snow-making: in the Kitzbühel mountains, there are an average of 157 days of freezing per year, on which snow can be made, mostly at night. On 77 days (= 2.5 months) the temperature doesn't rise above zero, and so snow can be made around the clock.
  • Experienced snow-making managers: people have been skiing in the Kitzbüheler Alpen for nearly a hundred years. The snow-making managers and slope bosses know the terrain, the climate and the weather of the Kitzbüheler Alpen better than anyone and provide reliable snow conditions on the slopes until the very last day of skiing.


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