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Mountain Bike Holidays - the No. 1 for biking holidays in the Alps!

In all the "Mountain Bike Holidays" hotels, you will be offered extensive biking services. Expertise and service are no coincidence at "Mountain Bike Holidays" - you can absolutely depend on them.
Quality control certified by TÜV (Association for Technical Inspection), a cog system for hotel selection, proven biking regions, qualified guides, expertise on all terrain and guided tours are guaranteed.


"Mountain Bike Holidays" begins the next biking season with lots of new novelties. Holidays with a proven biking holiday business is guaranteed satisfaction. Hotel services, which are tailored to 100% of the bikers requirements, quality controls and the new hotel categorisation in the categories "classic", "elite" and "pro" ensure that all promises made are delivered.
The main attraction of "Mountain Bike Holidays" is still the guided tour. Nothing is left to chance. GPS data, tour descriptions and comprehensive maps ensure, just as the local trained guides, that the biker always remains on the right path. Secret tips, technique training sessions and current regional information complete the deal. Adventure, safety and experience are guaranteed at "Mountain Bike Holidays".

Fascinating biking regions and sporty biking areas

The Kitzbühel Alps are amongst the most beautiful, impressive and spectacular mountains of the world therefore providing the perfect background for a mountain bike holiday. The bike centres represent adventure, safety and experience.

Whether you are a diehard touring biker, someone who likes to try out the bikepark or if you prefer to improve your technique skills, if you like to be accompanied by a trained guide or if you prefer just to head off alone - all of these options are possible with the "Mountain Bike Holidays".

Mountain-Bike Holiday Partner - holiday with satisfaction guarantee

The expertise, personal commitment, special tips and regional information, as well as the "humerous sarcasm" of the hoteliers and biking guides make the holiday with "Mountain Bike Holidays" unforgettable.

Approved Bike Area

There are not many regions that belong to the quality approved biking regions. However, the Kitzbühel Alps region is one that does. The whole region, infrastructure, hotels, bike shops and biking schools must adhere to strict guidelines to maintain the "Approved Bike Area" certificate.


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