PillerseeTal - Sommer - Ortsansicht - Waidring

WAIWI - Stage 1

Waidring - Hausberg - Schaflberg - Kirchberg - St. Jakob in Haus

The first stage begins in Waidring. The historic “Church and Post village” was once an important crossroads for several carters and stagecoach travellers. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and even Kaiser Franz Josef stayed over at the Gasthof Post in Waidring. The trail first leads through a rustic mixed forest up to the Hausberg. When you arrive on the summit, there is a wide-sweeping view over the Fellhorn to the Steinplatte. The red gondolas of the Bergbahnen Steinplatte start from down in the valley and take hikers up to a primeval coral reef, which is today a wonderful hiking plateau with active alpine pasture. At the extensive Triassic Park. it's not only our young visitors who can discover prehistoric times in a playful way. You can take one last look back to Waidring from the Hausberg. From here the trail goes through the wildly romantic Weissbachschlucht first to Oberweissbach, where the Alpengasthof invites you in to stop for a snack with its wonderful view of the Steinplatte. Pass the Rechensau-Kapelle and hike to the Schafelberg and the Kirchberg via wide mountain pastures and mountain pine forests. You can constantly catch magnificent panoramic views from the mountain pines out in all directions and enjoy the tranquility of the mountain landscape.
The trail leads downhill to the Winterstelleralm, where you will meet Anni Waltl, the milkmaid of the alpine pasture. She doesn't just take care of the many cows up here, but also serves wonderful “Brettljausen” (traditional snack platter) to hungry hikers. Feeling replenished, you then follow the trail down the forest road to the St. Ulrich district of Schartental and continue via Schwendt towards St. Jakob in Haus. A rather unique gem awaits you shortly before the stage's destination, the hamlet of Flecken! Beautiful, old farmhouses surround the village fountain and are evidence of lived tradition. Along the trail you can see the Jakobskreuz on top of the Buchensteinwand and down in the valley, you can hike the last metres on the Jakobsweg towards St. Jakob in Haus, the destination of the first stage!

  • PillerseeTal - summer - village view - Waidring
    View of Waidring with the parish church and Steinplatte
  • PillerseeTal - Alpine inn - Winterstelleralm
    Winterstelleralm in St. Ulrich am Pillersee
  • PillerseeTal - Farmhouse with floral decoration
    Farmhouses decorated with flowers in the district of Flecken / St. Ulrich am Pillersee

Highlights of the tour

  • checkThe wildly romantic Weissbachschlucht

  • checkStop for a snack on the Winterstelleralm

  • checkPilgrimage Church St. Adolari (on the gourmet version)

  • checkPicturesque Pillersee (on the gourmet version)

  • checkView of the Jakobskreuz

  • checkThe hamlet of Flecken with its farmhouses

WaiWi Stage 1: Waidring - St. Jakob in Haus

  • directions_walkMediumLevel
  • access_time8:00 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt21,8 kmDistance
  • terrain1678 mHighest point
  • trending_up1180 mUphill
  • trending_down1086 mDownhill
  • Details



St. Ulrich am Pillersee

Das Bergblick

Das Bergblick
Das Bergblick
Closed todaySt. Ulrich am Pillersee

Landhotel Strasserwirt

Landhotel Strasserwirt
Landhotel Strasserwirt
Open todaySt. Ulrich am Pillersee
A gourmet version to get you started!

A gourmet version to get you started!

The first section is the same as stage 1. It goes from Waidring up to the Hausberg, via the Weissbachschlucht and continues on towards Oberweissbach. There, the Alpengasthof invites you in to stop for a snack with its wonderful view of the Steinplatte. Afterwards, the trail leads towards Rechensau-Kapelle, then it branches off towards St. Adolari on the Pillersee. The small Gothic pilgrimage chapel located there is dedicated to the Saint Adolar and dates back to the year 1407. The traditional St. Adolari guesthouse invites you to stop off for a snack with its Tyrolean home cooking!

The hike continues on the other side of the road towards Pillersee. You can already see all outlets of the lake from here, the full splendour of our “namesake” reveals itself after a few minutes. The Pillersee glistens green and its colour reveals rather "modest” water temperatures even in midsummer. From a pedal boat or the floating stage, you can also admire the lake without getting wet. The trail continues towards the South, the parish church St. Ulrich am Pillersee is perched on the other side of the lake and for the first time you can see the 30-metre-high accessible Jakobskreuz on the Buchensteinwand. From the district of Schwendt, the trail runs along the same stretch as stage 1, via Flecken towards St. Jakob in Haus.

Waiwi Stage 1 "comfortable": Waidring - Pillersee - St. Jakob in Haus

  • directions_walkEasyLevel
  • access_time6:00 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt16,0 kmDistance
  • terrain1120 mHighest point
  • trending_up420 mUphill
  • Details

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