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Mountain biking & road riding in PillerseeTal in Tirol

It is almost as if this region was designed for outdoor sports and it justifiable enjoys the reputation of being an insider tip for cyclists. The ranges of tours on offer extends from leisurely excursions on shaded trails, to a challenging summit trip.

Over 800 kilometres of road bike and mountain bike routes criss-crossing PillerseeTal and the surrounding area. The region, with its holiday towns of Fieberbrunn, St. Jakob in Haus, Hochfilzen, St. Ulrich am Pillersee and Waidring provides a suitable route for all ability levels!

Our special tip for all leisure riders - clever cycling using e-power! Electric bikes help you to conquer all those inclines with ease and cycle to the loveliest viewing points in Pillersee valley! Ask about the free "Movelo E-Bike map" - available in all tourist information offices!

10 benefits for mountain bikers and road riders:

PiTal - Cycling



On an electric bike you get to explore the area around Fieberbrunn, Hochfilzen, Waidring, St. Ulrich am Pillersee and St. Jakob in Haus in comfort.


Bike hire

Bike hire

... the right bike equipment for your holiday in PillerseeTal!

Bike hire

Routes and Tours

Routes and Tours

Still looking for the perfect tour in PillerseeTal? With the interactive map and our tour descriptions there’s nothing in your way anymore.

Routes and Tours

Signage/levels of difficulty

Signage/levels of difficulty

Official mountain bike routes are also divided into levels of difficulty, which is contained in the route signage.

Signage/levels of difficulty

Rules of conduct

Rules of conduct

In order to have safe and great bike holidays, it is important to know the rules of conduct and the signage.

Rules of conduct

What type of rider are you?

Extreme rider - Routes which cover a lot of metres altitude, considerable gradient, parts of routes are unsurfaced, demand a great deal of fitness and technical expertise. Cyclists who have very good equipment and who are accustomed to riding in high alpine terrain. Singletrails welcome; sections where you have to push or carry the bike are not seen as an obstacle. Performance level riders who have to urge to tackle summits!

Ambitious riders (red) – well trained riders who don't shy away from considerable gradients, yet who avoid extreme sections. As well as sports performance, experiencing the landscape as per the maxim 'getting to the summit isn't the be all and end all, an alpine lodge is also a welcome destination'. Very good bike equipment and tour experience required.

Pleasure rider (blue) – 'The route is the destination!' Experiencing the scenery is what matters, culinary attractions and leisurely cycling are important. Beginners and gourmets, who don't eschew effort and who enjoy being out and about in nature. Our Buchensteinwand circuit, Kalkstein circuit and Steinberg circuit trails are also among these tours.

Mountain biking in the PillerseeTal - simply great!

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