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Biathlon WCH Trail

The new themed trail about the sporting event in Hochfilzen!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the sport of biathlon and hike whilst learning valuable insider knowledge and sports facts. Who were the most successful biathlete in the history of the sport of biathlon? Which local sportsman is among the best in the world? And how many World Championships have been held in Hochfilzen until now? The WCH Trail was especially designed for friends of the biathlon sport and for those who want to want to become a biathlete themselves, and also offers alongside the most beautiful hot spots in Hochfilzen, additional digital information and a puzzle hunt, where you can earn your own personal world championship medals.

Data & Facts

  • checkTown: Hochfilzen

  • checkStarting Point: Village centre/town hall

  • checkCar Parks: Village centre/town hall Free of charge

  • checkSummer: 16 stations

  • checkWinter: 12 stages

  • checkRoute total length: 12.5 km

  • checkDifficulty level: easy

  • checkChild- and family-friendly: Yes

  • checkAccessible with pushchairs: Yes

A year-round adventure for the sport enthusiastic families! The Biathlon experience for all those, who want to learn more about this fascinating sport and also enjoy the alpine panoramic views. Biathlon is enjoying growing popularity - and with this Hochfilzen has become the host of various competitions. The WCH Trail provides both young and old with valuable insider information, interactive stations and a puzzle hunt where there is a lot to offer for children, teenagers and adults.

NEW from summer 2021: Augmented reality elements at some stations. Simply scan the code with your smartphone and even more exciting information will appear when you look through your phone's camera.

Walk of Biathlon Hochfilzen

  • directions_walkMediumLevel
  • access_time4:30 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt17,0 kmDistance
  • terrain1200 mHighest point
  • trending_up360 mUphill
  • trending_down360 mDownhill
  • Details

How does the trail work?

  • checkFollow the signs and start walking

  • checkSolve the puzzle hunt

  • checkScan the pylons

  • checkCollect Biathlon World Championship medals

Highlights of the tour

  • checkInteractive hike

  • checkLearn valuable insider knowledge

  • checkPuzzle hunt

  • checkYear-round experience

  • checkStation: Beat the Landi

  • checkNEW from summer 2021: Augmented reality elements at some stations

Puzzle hunt - fun for young and old

Puzzle hunt - fun for young and old

Solve the puzzles at each station and collect your world championship medals in Hochfilzen or in one of the tourism information offices in the PillerseeTal.
Simply show your phone with the solved puzzle hunt at the collection stations and you can collect your own personal World Championship medals.

1) Hike to the stations
2) solve puzzles
3) collect medals
Schlag den Landi - Challenge

Schlag den Landi - Challenge

Measure yourself against our biathlon star Dominik Landertinger and take the challenge.

The time of 00:15:41 has to be beaten - so let's go and beat the best time!

Great prizes from our regional partner Fischer Sports await the best-placed participants at the end of the year.

Events at the Biathlon WCH Trail


    Today 2021-07-30

  • mainly sunny
  • ac_unitMin.13 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.26 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation75 % (10.9 mm)
  • flagWindNordwest 4 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk60 %

    Tomorrow 2021-07-31

  • rainy
  • ac_unitMin.14 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.22 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation75 % (6.1 mm)
  • flagWindNordwest 4 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk45 %

    Tomorrow 2021-08-01

  • thick clouds, some rain
  • ac_unitMin.10 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.16 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation90 % (8.4 mm)
  • flagWindNordwest 5 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk25 %

    Tomorrow 2021-08-02

  • mainly sunny
  • ac_unitMin.9 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.19 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation30 % (0.5 mm)
  • flagWindNordwest 4 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk15 %

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