PillerseeTal - Berge - Blumen

Educational flower trail - Buchensteinwand

Circular trail on one of the most beautiful panoramic mountains in the PillerseeTal

Starting from the mountain station, the Bergbahn Pillersee, the romantic circular trail passes the Jakobskreuz, along the ridge to the reservoir and back again. Along the ridge you'll be spoilt for choice by the countless number of dreamlike photo points, which provide the perfect pictures for your holiday journal. The tour can also be completed with small children, as a children's playground is located halfway along the picturesque reservoir. You should at least take the chance to pull out your phone or camera at this spot, as the Loferer Steinberge are perfectly reflected on the lake's surface. The starting point is reached again by following a forest trail.

  • PillerseeTal - summer - Buchensteinwand - Jakobskreuz - hiking
    Hiking on the Buchensteinwand with a view of the 30-metre-high Jakobskreuz and the Wilder Kaiser
  • PillerseeTal - summer - Buchensteinwand - Jakobskreuz
    Viewing platform at the largest accessible summit cross in the world, the Jakobskreuz! Easily accessible with the chairlift.
  • PillerseeTal - summer - Buchensteinwand - Jakobskreuz
    View of the 30-metre-high Jakobskreuz atop of the Buchensteinwand, with a view of the Kitzbüheler Horn and the Wilder Kaiser

Data & Facts

  • checkLocation: St. Jakob in Haus

  • checkStarting Point: Mountain station Bergbahn Pillersee

  • checkCar Parks: at the valley station of the Bergbahn Pillersee (free of charge)

  • checkRoute total length: 1,6 km

  • checkDifficulty level: easy

  • checkWalking time: approx. 45 minutes

  • checkChild- and family-friendly: Yes

  • checkAccessible with pushchairs: No

Bergbahn Pillersee

Reach the starting point comfortably with the chairlift

The Buchensteinwand - Bergbahn Pillersee

The Buchensteinwand - Bergbahn Pillersee
The Buchensteinwand - Bergbahn Pillersee

The Bergbahn Pillersee provides easy access to the start of the educational flower trail. Throughout the chairlift journey, you have a dreamlike view of the surrounding mountain scenery.


Highlights of the tour

  • checkBeautiful high-altitude hike

  • checkInformation boards with countless facts about flora and fauna

  • checkChildren's play area

  • checkPicturesque reservoir

  • checkWonderful view of the Jakobskreuz


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