Super Ski Card General Terms & Conditions

Small print - conditions - legal information

Evening Operation:
The conditions of the respective cable car company and/or the respective ski area apply. Transport for night-time skiing and evening tobogganing is generally not included! Furthermore, a separate tariff for special evening trips will be charged.

Expiry date:
Days which have not been used will become invalid and are neither reimbursed, replaced, nor credited.

The individual services to which this card entitles, are provided by legally independent contractors. The operator selling the ticket merely acts as a representative for the other contractors. Thus only the respective contractor is liable for the provision of individual services and for the payment of any compensation claims in case of accidents or injuries.

Age groups:
Infants: Born 2017 or younger = FREE! The conditions of the respective ski area shall apply.
Children: Born between 2016 - 2007
Youths: Born between 2006 - 2004
U25: Born between 2003 - 1997 (only for season passes, advanced booking period)

Proof of age is required
For children, youths and infants, proof of age (photo identification) is required when issuing the ski passes and should be carried when skiing.

Conditions of carriage:
The general conditions of carriage for each lift system used are announced on notice boards and are binding for all users.

Photo Capture / Data Protection:
Photos can be taken at the respective sales outlets (cable car ticket office) and saved for season pass buyers.

The slope owner is not liable for damages or injuries, which occur to the piste user from the misconduct of others. Particularly inconsiderate and dangerous skiing, as well as ignoring barriers or other instructions will result in exclusion of carriage. We strive to ensure that you are safe and ask that you pay attention to the FIS regulations

Key Card Deposit Fee:
€ 2.00 - € 5.00. You can return a KeyCard in good condition that has been issued during the current winter season (for refund of the deposit) to our cash desks.

Regulations for infants:
For infants (born in 2017 or later) specific pricing terms and conditions of carriage apply depending on the conditions of the specific region and ski area.

Any misuse of the Super Ski Card including use by a third party will result in withdrawal of the card without compensation. A fine will also be charged. Criminal charges reserved.

Reimbursement in the event of sports accidents:
There is no legal right to a refund; any reimbursements are purely goodwill services. In any case, the prerequisite for this is the immediate deposit of the ski pass of the injured person at a cash point of the partner companies and presentation of a doctor's note issued by a doctor or hospital in the holiday resort. Day tickets will not be reimbursed without exception. Reimbursement modalities shall apply as laid down by us. We reserve the right to refuse reimbursement without the statement of reasons. For season passes, any possible goodwill refund is prohibited after the 29th February.

Ski bus:
Free ski bus usage with the Super Ski Card according to the conditions of the respective ski area. NO free of charge transport via the ski bus is available between the Super Ski Card ski regions. There are regular buses or trains between some towns - Information is available in the tourism office and at . You can check out current timetables here: (Austrian Federal Railways).

Ski pass discounts / free tickets / groups:

Ski instructors with ISIA-badges: Issuing of a ski instructor ticket - solely possible according to regional, territorial regulations. Participating cable car companies provide information about this.

For every 20 ski passes purchased (1-14 days), you can receive one free ski pass!

Bus drivers
Free ski pass, period of validity in line with the group (joint purchase required).

There are NO special discounts or reductions for seniors, the disabled or other groups of people. There are NO other discounts except the discounted pre-season price and late-season (from the middle of March) tickets for adults only.

Mixed prices:
In the event of the overlapping of season times, a proportionate mixed price is calculated (valid only for ski passes) | All prices include 10% VAT. Prices are subject to change.

Season passes family bonus:
When the two eldest children/teenagers in a family buy season passes, any additional children/teenagers in the family will receive free season passes. Verification required: Family allowance confirmation (Ö), Child allowance notice (D). The family bonus offer can not be purchased online.

Transferability and Exchange:
The Super Ski Card is not transferable. Exchange, adjustment or extension of the validity period are not possible.

Loss of ski passes / season passes:
There is no replacement for lost or forgotten Super Ski Cards. The loss of a season pass must be reported at one of the sales points.

Validity period:
The Super Ski Card is valid during the respective hours of operations of the stated ski area - however this will be no longer than 8thOctober to 1st May. We reserve the right to suspend lift services/to close pistes in the event of technical difficulties, storm and some specific weather conditions, such as a lack of snow, etc. as well as to prevent overcrowding or to allocate or discontinue the sale of ski passes. In the early and late season, you can also expect limited lift and piste services. For all of these cases, there is no entitlement to a reimbursement.

By purchasing a ticket under a specific name (e.g. Season passes/flexible passes) the card holder implicitly agrees to the automatic registration of their personal data. The customer agrees that such information is electronically recorded, processed and deleted as soon as it is no longer necessary (no later than three years after the last customer contact) in order to monitor for card misuse, as well as for the purpose of customer service. Online shoppers agree, that the data entered is electronically processed (solely by the SSC). The customer can be informed about new services and ski offers by E-Mail / post. This service is free of charge and can be cancelled at any time. With the purchase of a ski pass, the card holder agrees to the personal photographic recording, storage and processing at the card issuance and entry points for control purposes to avoid misuse of the card, whereby this data will be deleted when the ski pass has been used as stipulated and with the expiry of the validity period of the ski pass.

Additional Information:
For more information the entire team of the Super Ski Card areas as well as the employees of the Info-Hotline found at +43 6542 789 211 or are available.

The SuperSkiCard

The SuperSkiCard
The SuperSkiCard

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