The dedicated sports shop’s sales assistant from the PillerseeTal


For Monika Günther it’s a privilege to live in the Kitzbüheler Alpen. Every morning she looks out the window at the impressive Alpine mountain summits. The mountains, and particularly hiking, have something meditative for Monika. Regardless if she’s alone, with friends or with family, when Monika goes hiking she finds her peace and forgets everyday stress.

Hiking is like meditation

Concentrating on the essentials. Rediscovering the familiar again and again. Coming down. That’s what hiking is all about. When Monika goes hiking alone, then it’s just her and the trail. However, when hiking with friends you chat differently than when you go for a meal together. It just feels good.

Monika’s hiking tip for locals and guests:
The KAT Walk. The Kitzbüheler Alpen Trail is a long-distance hiking trail through the Kitzbüheler Alpen – luggage transport, first-class accommodation and the best cuisine inclusive. The correct equipment is a ‘must‘. Only with the right footwear and suitable socks will every step be an enjoyable one. Of course, the sports shop’s sales assistant knows how important hiking equipment is.

  • Kitzbühel-Alps-hiking-hero-Monika-Günther-cooling-off-her-feet-in-the-Pillersee-after-a-hike-c-Daniel-Gollner
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-hiking-hero-Monika-Günther-on-the-last-stage-of-the-KAT-walk-in-the-PillerseeTal-c-Daniel-Gollner
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-hiking-hero-Monika-Günther-on-a-bench-in-the-PillerseeTal-c-Daniel-Gollner
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-hiking-hero-Monika-Günther-on-the-last-few-metres-towards-the-Winterstelleralm-in-the-PillerseeTal-c-Daniel-Gollner
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-hiking-hero-Monika-Günther-looking-towards-the-green-Pillersee-c-Daniel-Gollner
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-hiking-hero-Monika-Günther-sitting-on-the-Kirchbergstock-and-enjoying-the-view-of-the-PillerseeTal-c-Daniel-Gollner
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-hiking-hero-Monika-Günther-reflected-in-the-water-trough-on-the-KAT-walk-stage-in-the-PillerseeTal-c-Daniel-Gollner

Monika’s profile

  • checkMy power place in the Kitzbüheler Alpen ... the Wildseeloder in Fieberbunn with the beautiful Wildseeloder Lake.

  • checkWhat makes my native home special ... the mountains which are very special and beautiful in each of the four seasons.

  • checkWhat is my emotional connection to the Kitzbüheler Alpen and why ... my family and lots of my friends live here.

'...To be happy with what you have and to stay “true” to yourself!'


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