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Mountain hiking guide from Holiday Region Hohe Salve


Elke is a mountain hiking guide in Holiday Region Hohe Salve. Many years ago she swapped her high heels for mountain boots, to get away from the stressful day-to-day life in the office. As a local she appreciates the nature and beauty of the gentle grassy mountains in the Kitzbühel Alps. For Elke, the mountains are an anchor of calm and it is this calm that she wants to share with her companions on guided hikes too. Anyone who would like to decide to go on a hike with her understands that it is not the time or the height of the summit that matters, rather it is the feeling of being together that is important.

  • Kitzbühel-Alps-Hero-Hiking-Elke-Henke-on the-KAT-Walk-heading-to-Windautal-c-Daniel-Gollner
    Elke hikes to the summit of the Lodron in the Kitzbühel Alps via a lovely hiking trail.
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-Hero-Hiking-Elke-Henke-looking-down-tothe-Lärchenbergalm-run by-Sepp-Kahn-in-Windautal-c-Daniel-Gollner
    From the top, Elke, a hiking heroine from Holiday Region Hohe Salve, looks at Alpine writer Sepp Kahn’s Alpine lodge.
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-Hero-Hiking-Elke-Henke-looks-forward-to-coming to-the-Alpine lodge-on-KAT-Walk-c-Daniel-Gollner
    On her hike Elke meets a chatty Alpine herdsman in the Hohe Salve region.
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-Hero-hiking-Elke-Henke-hiking-in the-Alpine area-in-Windautal-c-Daniel-Gollner
    Elke descends via several Alpine areas into Windautal in the Kitzbühel Alps.
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-Hero-hiking-Elke-Henke-enjoys-the-view-from-Lodron-on the-KAT-Walk-c-Daniel-Gollner
    Having arrived at the summit cross on the Lodron, Elke enjoys a few minutes of tranquillity and looks out across the Kitzbühel Alps.
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-Hero-Hiking-Elke-Henke-hiking-past-the-KAT-Walk-stone-on-the-Lodronalm-in-Kelchsau-c-Daniel-Gollner
    The hiking ambassador from the Hohe Salve region hikes past the well-known Schieferstein, which represents the KAT Walk.
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-Hero-hiking-Elke-Henke-on-a-route-through-a-small-forest-on-the-second-KAT-Walk-stage-c-Daniel-Gollner
    The hiking trail to the second KAT Walk stage proceeds through a small section of forest.

Elke profile

  • checkMy energy-packed space in the Kitzbühel Alps is.... an old acorn tree on the route to the Kraftalm above Scherzerbauern.

  • checkWhat makes my home so special.... the mountains, the traditions, the culture and being together - ‘dahoam is dahoam’.

  • checkThe emotional connection I have with the Kitzbühel Alps and why.... I have a deep connection with nature. Being able to enjoy the mountains is not a matter of course and they are to be treated with reverence and respect.

‘There are moments that cannot be captured with a mobile phone or a camera, only with your heart.’


Elke Henke

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