The enthusiastic hiking landlady from St. Johann in Tirol


Christina Foidl from St. Johann in Tirol has already found her place of power in nature: the Wilder Kaiser mountain range in the middle of the Kitzbüheler Alpen. Here she can give her undivided attention to the important things in life and be close to herself.
For Christina hiking is a sporty balance to everyday life on one hand, while on the other it’s a huge reward that she makes to herself. What remains after every mountain tour is pure gratitude.

Music, the key to happiness

Apart from hiking, Christina loves being hostess to her guests on the Huberalm, which her family have owned for more than 16 years. In addition, she enjoys studying for primary school teaching and is a passionate musician. With the soft tones of her flugelhorn she plays first and foremost to the mountains, giving free rein to the language of music. She is convinced that “music expresses what cannot be put into words”.

  • Kitzbühel-Alps-hiking-hero-Christina-Foidl-enjoys-the-view-from-Baumooskogel-across-the-Kitzbühel-Alps-c-Daniel-Gollner
    Christina takes a break, in order to enjoy the view of the Kitzbühel Alps to its fullest.
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-hiking-hero-Christina-Foidl-enjoys-every-second-in-the-nature-c-Daniel-Gollner
    Christina always has a smile on her face during her hikes through the Kitzbühel Alps.
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-hiking-hero-Christina-Foidl-has-the-last-metres-towards-Baumooskogel-ahead-of-her-c-Daniel-Gollner
    Shortly before sunset, Christina, the hiking hero, reaches her destination on the KAT walk - the Baumooskogel.
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-hiking-hero-Christina-Foidl's-guests-enjoy-the-sound-of-the-flugelhorn-in-the-alpine-inn-c-Daniel-Gollner
    Alongside her work in the Alpine inn, Christina plays her flugelhorn to guests between meals.
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-hiking-hero-Christina-Foidl-hikes-down-from-the-Baumooskogel-in-the-St.Johann-in-Tirol-region-c-Daniel-Gollner
    Christina enjoys each step of her hike on the last stage of the KAT Walk.
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-hiking-hero-Christina-Foidl-hikes-on-the-last-stage-of-the-KAT-walk-c-Daniel-Gollner
    With just a few more steps, Christina will reach the summit of the Baumooskogels in St. Johann in Tirol.
  • Kitzbühel-Alps-hiking-hero-Christina-Foidl-enjoys-an-impressive-sunset-on-the-summit-of-the-Baumooskogel-c-Daniel-Gollner
    At the summit cross on the Baumooskogel, Christina unpacks her flugelhorn and plays at sunset.

Christina’s profile

  • checkMy power place in the Kitzbüheler Alpen ... anywhere from where I have the Wilder Kaiser in sight and the bench behind the Huberalm from where I have a nice view of my home.

  • checkWhat makes my native home special … Here tradition interacts with the contemporary. Our valleys make it possible to combine the liveliness in the village centres with the peace and quiet of the remote regions. That is very typical of the mountain world and makes it so unique.

  • checkWhat is my emotional connection to the Kitzbüheler Alpen and why … I grew up here and over the years could get to know numerous beautiful places.

"With every step i am further away from the valley, but closer to myself."


Christina Foidl

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