Alpine Hosts

Perfect hosts from A-Z

When staying at the Alpine Hosts, you can't fail to feel the family atmosphere and great level of hospitality. As part of a true "warm welcome" the Alpine Hosts guarantee their guests hospitality and comfort along with fresh mountain air, breathtaking nature, quality-certified accommodation and fantastic service. Stay in stylishly furnished, quality-certified accommodation.

All guests are welcome, but there are special services and offerings for sportspeople, explorers, children and those on health holidays. Our hosts will be delighted to treat you to insider tips for excursions, home-made delights and perhaps even invitations for group activities.

The following points are vital for the Alpine Hosts' Association:

  • We are aware of our role as Alpine hosts. We deal with our guests in a sincere and friendly way, we look after them in every way and are truly there if they need us!

  • The challenge of meeting the latest quality needs of our guests is one we are happy to take on. All Alpine Hosts are ranked according to the relevant national classification system. We keep our equipment and decor to a high level and offer our guests cutting-edge service quality.

  • Modern service standards are important to us. Every establishment has their own informative internet page. Your holiday query on the website of the Alpine Hosts will be processed quickly and professionally.

  • We are positively and actively committed to the Alpine Host brand. In Alpine Host establishments, guests can receive recommendations for staying at other Alpine Hosts.

  • Membership of the Alpine Hosts association is a commitment to personal and business development. We take part in regular training exercises and quality controls and place great worth on the co-operation between all members of the association.

  • A connection to the Alpine nature is a common element to the offering of all Alpine Hosts. We make the most of the natural resources of the Alps in sporting activities or wellness treatments, use produce typical to the region in our catering and design our buildings in Alpine style.

  • Providing open, honest and detailed information to guests is of vital importance for us. We know the leisure options in our resort and the region from our own experience and we can inform every one of our guests individually about their holiday options.

  • We want to make every effort to give our guests a warm welcome on arrival. We therefore greet our guests with a handshake and are delighted to explain the most important details of their stay.

  • Actively looking after guests is important for us. We offer our guests more than just a room or a holiday apartment. We look after them in person and are available to provide them with help and advice!

  • Seeing guests depart is the same for us as seeing friends leave. We will provide information on travel routes, send a thank you email after their return or provide them with a personal holiday souvenir to take home.

Austrian Edelweiss classification

Edelweiss guarantees quality! Edelweiss is to private hosts what the star system is to hotels. In the Kitzbühel Alps you will find lots of quality-certified accommodation. Member establishments of the private hosts' association undergo a careful quality control process. The mark of quality that is awarded by the Tyrol private hosts' association helps to guide customers through the range of accommodation. We have two, three and four-Edelweiss establishments, which have to meet particular criteria in quality and comfort.

Meaning of Edelweiss

  • check2 Edelweiss establishments offer suitably furnished rooms with showers and toilets or holiday apartments with basic comfort.

  • check3 Edelweiss establishments offer comfortable rooms or holiday apartments with cozy and homely character as well as a personal atmosphere. The use of top-class materials and an appropriate atmosphere are required.

  • check3 Edelweiss Superior accommodation meets all the criteria of 4 Edelweiss accommodation but lacks one essential component (e.g. dishwasher, internet, safe etc.)

  • check4 Edelweiss establishments are first-rate with very comfortable and stylish top decor, are light, friendly, harmonic and offer special flair for sophisticated interior requirements. With top-class furniture and flooring that is as good as new. WiFi, dishwashers and make-up mirrors as standard.

Classification system in Austria

The Austrian hotel classification is a common system valid across Austria and provides guests and travel companies with a dependable guide to the quality of hotels and other accommodation providers.

Grading into star classes is done by an independent commission at the request of an establishment. Regular evaluations and a system of regular self-assessment ensures quality.

The classification of hotels and other accommodation providers differentiates between "full establishments" (e.g. hotel, guesthouses) and "small-scale establishments" (bed and breakfasts). The difference between full establishments and small-scale establishments can be found largely in "gastronomy". Apartment buildings or similar establishments that offer very few or no services are subject to their own guidelines.