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Mariastein Pilgrimage Church

The impressive pilgrimage church in Holiday Region Hohe Salve

15 km to the north west of the Hohe Salve, hidden at an altitude of 575m, is one of the best known pilgrimage towns in the country: Mariastein. The snow white pilgrimage church is situated on an impressive location on a 14 m cliff. The church was built around 1360 and in the 18th century was elevated to the status of pilgrimage church after a Marian miracle. Since the late middle ages it has been a popular place of pilgrimage. The church can be visited daily between 9:00 and 17:00 for self-guided tours. Entry is free!

The wonderful Chapel of Grace in the 42 metre high tower is a destination for many pilgrims and visitors. The chapel is accessible via a spiral staircase which has exactly 142 steps. Along with the exhibits in the castle museum, the coffered ceiling in the Prince’s Hall, the sacred objects made from gold and silver, the pilgrimage boards, musical instruments and the right of asylum, there are two other very special pieces to discover in the pilgrimage church. The ‘Tirol state insignias’ including the archducal hat and sceptre. They were donated by territorial prince Maximilian in 1600 and are wonderful decorative items from Tirol's history.


  • checkCastle museum

  • checkCoffered ceiling in the Prince's Hall

  • checkSacred objects made from gold and silver

  • checkPilgrimage panels

  • checkMusical instruments

  • checkRight of asylum

  • checkTirol state insignia including an archducal hat and sceptre

’Mariastein is a great place to pray’, says Pastor Matthias Oberascher. Since 1999 he has been a pastor in Mariastein and is probably right, after all in the well-fortified walls holy Masses have been celebrated here for 640 years. Mariastein is one of the most important pilgrimage towns in Tirol. Actually it is due to the invention of gunpowder that the 42 metre high keep on a vertical rock face became a pilgrimage church. Built in 1360 to protect the road between Innsbruck and Rosenheim, the ‘Herren auf dem Stayn’ structure soon lost its strategic importance and became a pilgrimage site practically over night. Since that time countless visitors have been coming with their concerns to the miraculous image of the Mother of consolation, that has been in Mariastein for 551 years.

  • Mariastein Wallfahrtskirche
  • Vorderansicht Wallfahrtskirche Mariastein
  • Mariastein Wallfahrtskirche

Good to know

  • checkParking areas: right at Mariastein pilgrimage church

  • checkWC: in the pilgrimage church area

  • checkSnack stop: In the town of Mariastein

  • checkGuided tours Gertraud Astl +43 680 2064180

  • checkPrices & Opening times: Free sightseeing tour daily from 9:00 to 17:00

Would you like to enjoy a guided tour of the wonderful pilgrimage church together as a group? Then book your place today in the Summer activity programme. When you have a valid guest card from the Kitzbühel Alps (Hohe Salve, Brixental, PillerseeTal and the St. Johann region) you can even participate in a guided tour free of charge. More information about a guided tour and direct booking options are available in the detailed overview.

Masses and Prayers in Mariastein pilgrimage church

  • checkSaturday: 17:00 in winter / 19:00 in summer

  • checkSunday: 09:00 / additionally in the summer at 10:30 (when the weather is good in the Schlosshof)

  • checkMonday: 19:00

  • checkTuesday: 08:00

  • checkFriday: 15:00


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