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Pilgrimage pastor Pfarrer Matthias Oberascher

"You can pray well in Mariastein", says Pastor Matthias Oberascher. He has been the pilgrimage pastor in Mariastein since 1999 and is no doubt right, because Holy Mass has been celebrated for 640 years in the well-fortified walls of the pilgrimage church.
Wallfahrtskirche Mariastein

Mariastein is among the most important pilgrimage sites in Tyrol.

Actually it is due to the invention of gunpowder that the 42 meter-high keep on the precipitous crag became a pilgrimage church. Built in 1360 to protect the road between Innsbruck and Rosenheim, the structure of the “Herren auf dem Stayn” soon lost its strategic importance and became a pilgrimage site practically overnight. Since that time countless visitors from all points of the compass have been coming with their religious concerns to pray to the miraculous image of the “Mother of Consolation” that has been in Mariastein for 551 years.

There are 142 steps to the small pilgrimage church which is situated at the very top in the tower. Matthias Oberascher climbs the steps up to six times a day. “ One should not postpone a pilgrimage to Mariastein for too long”, says the spry pastor with a smile. Many visitors come because they were once here as a child, or because Mariastein is simply also a nice excursion destination. Pastor Oberascher is pleased with all of them. After all, the pilgrimage church is still also a fortress. And it can be visited free of charge.

The insignias symbolizing the power of the Tyrolean sovereigns are the most valuable secular treasure of Mariastein. Archduke Maximilian III. handed over the Tyrolean crown and the scepter to the sanctuary of the Blessed Mother for safekeeping in 1602.

Prayer services in Mariastein

Saturday Winter 17:00 Uhr, Sommer 19:00 Uhr
Sunday 09:00 & 10:30 (just in summer) - in fair weather in the castle courtyard
Monday 19:00
Tuesday 08:00
Friday 15:00

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