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The tested and certified hiking region for even more experiences of nature!

As a true "hiking paradise" in the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps, we have always endeavoured to provide our guests with maximum holiday enjoyment and hiking service. We have long been confident in our offer and regional expertise, and know what we can offer you here. But what exceeds even our own assessment and conviction? That’s the question that was on our mind for a long time and which in the end was to stand for even more hiking quality in and around the holiday resorts of Brixen im Thale, Kirchberg and Westendorf.

Hiking on the KAT-Walk

Austrian Hiking Quality Seal

All three townships of Brixental Valley are certified with the Austrian Hiking Quality Seal. The Hiking Quality Seal in its rating focuses on the complete offer of the region in its entirety. So it goes well beyond the hiking trails offered and their quality. The Hiking Quality Seal captures the "Magic of walking" as an entirety and rates the hiking experience much more comprehensively.

As a hiking destination it is our task to meet expectations and satisfy our guests’ entitlement to have experiences - in all facets and in all details. Logically, hiking trails were thus primarily tested and certified according to the experiences they offer.

But the objective performance criteria, which Brixental Valley meets, go well beyond this: As a certified hiking destination, publicly accessible hiking starting places are required, uniform, consistent signposting, high-quality edited maps and information material, an extensive, high-quality range of tours in the region as well as separately tested accommodation providers - our hiking specialists for your hiking holidays. Each subject area is tested individually and then rated as a whole - repeated every three years.

These are our promises to you:

  • checkCertified hiking specialists: Our tested hiking hotels and accommodation providers meet more than 140 established criteria, which offer you optimal service for all things hiking even before the very first minute of your holiday. Outstanding hiking expertise and advice are naturally as much part of the perfect offer, as our very own hiking-information desk, rental equipment, maps, guided tours of the house and ideal accessibility to the hiking infrastructure.

  • checkCertified hiking villages: Our villages act as "experience starting points" for a wide range of nature, culture and recreational experiences revolving around hiking. In doing so, they combine the excellent hiking trails with local hiking starting points and public general maps. Each of our villages offer almost daily guided hikes, their own, premium information material and hiking maps as well as excellent connections to the public local transport network (even free to use with the guest card!). More than 90 satisfied quality seal criteria speak a clear language.

  • checkCertified hiking trails: Making "The magic of walking" come alive - that is our objective. Our certified hiking trails promise a very special hiking experience. Perfect marking and signposting is a given. An understandable central theme of the hiking trails, general maps, hiking starting points and safe orientation that can be easily experienced is also included in the rating that applies more than 90 trail criteria.

  • checkSpecial hiking service of the region: It’s not so much the elaborate marketing strategy of the region or the location of the hiking trails so conducive to dramatic experiences, that provides hiking guests with added value. It’s the little things, such as free use of bus and train with a guest card, free, guided hikes with the local hiking guides or our popular “baby carrier rental” (carrying backpacks for infants). We up the ante a tad in everything we do, so that your hiking holidays become a true experience!

Our certified hiking trails

Brixner Gangl

Brixner GanglEasy
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Order hiking map and hiking information

Order hiking map and hiking information
Order hiking map and hiking information

Prepare for your hiking holidays in the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps now. We’ll be happy to send you some brochures and catalogues. Simply order here!


Austrian Hiking Villages

An exclusive partnership of hiking specialists

The Austrian Hiking Villages are an exclusive merger of not even 60 hiking destinations, spread across all of Austria. Unlike many other marketing mergers, the Hiking Villages are not only about making effective, especially emotional advertising for their partners. They see themselves as a quality association, which work on themselves with a high degree of cooperation in order to continuously improve. The primary admission criteria is successful and full certification of the region by a nationally or internationally recognised hiking quality seal (e.g. the Austrian Hiking Quality Seal, or the European Hiking Quality Seal). In regular coordination workshops, the members exchange ideas and opinions, educate themselves further, develop new products and ideas together and ensure that hiking becomes an emotional experience in a class of its own.

Since many years, the townships of Brixen im Thale, Kirchberg in Tirol and Westendorf have also been active members of the Austrian Hiking Villages and in this way try to continuously improve the quality of offers and services locally - fully in your interests. Because: We already know what we can offer you. But: We still have to convince you. And that we are particularly good at. Why not come visit us and experience it for yourself!

This is why we are better than others:

  • checkMore than 800 km of uniformly signposted and marked hiking trails.

  • checkState-of-the-art cable cars with daily, continuous operation as a comfortable climbing aid

  • checkDedicated hiking shuttles into the southern side valleys of Brixental Valley (as radio taxi)

  • checkFree use of the entire local public transport (with valid guest card) in all of the Kitzbühel Alps

  • checkExcellent and certified hiking expertise of the hosts and info offices

  • checkCertified hiking accommodation for the very best service for all things hiking

  • checkBaby carriers to borrow for free (with guest card)

  • check...and much more.

  • Hike up to Lodron Mountain
    On a hike up to Lodron you can enjoy the great views.
  • View of Wilder Kaiser
    Hikes through Brixental Valley reveal the most scenic views - such as the impressive massif of Wilder Kaiser.
  • Barefoot through the mountain stream
    After hiking it can be truly relaxing and soothing to walk barefoot through the cold mountain stream. Guests to the Kitzbühel Alps should definitely not miss out on this cool pleasure!

Our certified hiking specialists