Archery in Brixental Valley

Archers will find a large selection of archery courses in Brixental Valley. Three-dimensional targets and 3-D animals await you nestled among the wonderful nature of Tirol. On the hunt for bison, wolves and bears, you test your skills with bow and arrow. Archery has developed strongly in Brixental Valley in recent years. Now you can find four high-quality archery courses in Kirchberg and Westendorf alone. All courses arrange events, company events and archery for guests.

Archery in Westendorf

Westendorf has gained yet another tourist attraction. Since the beginning of July 2013, archers can now go hunting in Westendorf as well. On the 3D-archery course at the “Alte Mittel”, more than 40 life-size foam animals are waiting. On 28 stations, the tournament standard course offers great “shots”, unique views and plenty of nature.

Archery in Kirchberg

Archery has developed strongly in Kirchberg in recent years. By now the archery club Lakota at Filzerhof, archery club Kirchberg in Bockern as well as archery club Avalon in Aschau operate three high-quality archery courses. All courses arrange events, company events and archery for guests. Georg Baumann with his shop “Bogensport Gigl” supplies everyone with the necessary equipment.
This makes Kirchberg the leader in Tirol and also gives it a unique selling point. For this reason, the local tourism association and the three archery clubs have decided to market Kirchberg as an archery village more strongly. A dedicated advertising strategy is currently being developed.

Bow parcour BSV Lakota

Bow parcour BSV Lakota
Bow parcour BSV Lakota
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Further archery courses in the Kitzbühel Alps

  • With a view to a kill
    Archery in Brixental Valley can also be enjoyed on the mountain, where in addition to the sport you also have wonderful views.
  • Archery in Brixental Valley
    In Brixental Valley you’ll find great conditions for archery, no matter if outdoors or in the indoor hall.
  • Archery shop Gigl in Kirchberg
    The "Bogensport Gigl" shop in Kirchberg stocks everything archers may desire, both for sale and for rent.
  • Archery Village Kirchberg
    The village of Kirchberg in Tirol has by now developed into a true hotspot of archery.
  • Indoor archery
    In the Arena365 in Kirchberg, you can enjoy archery indoors.
  • Hitting the target with bow and arrow
    Archery involves hitting targets with a bow and arrow.
  • Combining sports and fun
    This sport perfectly combines fun and sports.