R.ock I.n P.eace ... In Memoriam of the Superstars

Kirchberg in Tirol, Sportplatzweg 39

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R.ock I.n P.eace ... In Memoriam of the Superstars

When: Saturday, 3 May 2025

Start: 7:30 p.m

Admission: 7:00 P.m

The musical superstars from the 60s to the 90s of the last century have left us a great musical legacy. Radio stations all over the world still play the great songs of this generation every day, songs that everyone knows and loves. The new show ‘R.ock I.n P.eace ... In Memoriam of the Superstars’ brings their greatest hits live on stage once again - interpreted by a fantastic 6-piece live band and five expressive voices. Hosted and enriched with sometimes unknown, exciting information and anecdotes, the show takes us back to the time of the ‘real superstars’, when there were neither ‘casting shows’ nor ‘influencers’ and music was composed without an expiry date. Names such as Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, Aretha Franklin, Prince, Freddie Mercury, George Michael, Joe Cocker and FALCO - as the true world stars of pop music - wrote music history and gave unforgettable concerts with Woodstock, Live Aid, Rock in Rio and FALCO on the Danube Island, among many others. The programme of ‘R.ock I.n P.eace’ does without ‘lookalikes’ or imitations - it is much more about the authentic interpretation of the great hits from this era. So let's immerse ourselves together in a time that will never be forgotten.

Tickets available:

- Travel agency Kirchberg in Tirol

- Trafik Horngacher Kirchberg

- Ö-Ticket


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