Andreas Ferner - NIE MEHR SCHULE

Kirchberg in Tirol, Sportplatzweg 39

Andreas Ferner



Event information

Andreas Ferner - NIE MEHR SCHULE

When: Friday, 11 April 2025

Start: 7:30 p.m

Admission: 7:00 p.m

Yes, there is life outside of school - even for Andreas Ferner, ‘Teacher of the Year’ and award-winning cabaret artist of the heart. After 25 years, he hangs up his chalk and sponge, donates his overhead projector to the Technical Museum and is now taking off again as a full-time cabaret artist with his programme ‘No more school!’. He throws himself headfirst into the adventures of a new vocation, a new love and a new life. Surprising problems arise that he could not have anticipated, despite his specialist knowledge of accounting. Does a lesson really last longer than 50 minutes? Do non-teachers also have grey hair at 50? Why does my dating partner only give me an ‘A’ for overall impression? These and many other epoch-making questions are answered in a heart-wrenchingly honest way. An insider spills the beans! ‘No more school’ - look forward to a firework display of humour and a pinch of Floridsdorf wisdom in the arena365.

Tickets available:

- Travel agency Kirchberg in Tirol

- Trafik Horngacher Kirchberg

- Ö-Ticket

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