Riding in Brixental Valley

"All you need for happiness is a good horse"

Enjoy the fabulous idyll of Brixental Valley on a horseback ride - simply feel at ease! Riding lessons are also available.

Children’s pony riding in summer

  • Haflingerhof Westendorf
    At Haflingerhof in Westendorf you can go on horseback rides or take riding lessons.
  • Pony riding in summer in Itter
    On horseback through the picturesque village of Itter. The pony trek is an absolute family highlight.
  • Pony riding in the Holiday Region Hohe Salve
    With the ponies we set off on a discovery tour through the small village of Itter in the Holiday Region Hohe Salve.
  • Pony riding in Itter Hohe Salve
    Exploring the Holiday Region Hohe Salve on horseback - an absolute highlight for all children!
  • Riding in Brixental Valley
    In Brixental Valley you can admire the surrounding alpine world on a leisurely horseback ride.
  • Pony riding Rosenweg Itter
    The pony group treks along Rosenweg in Itter.
  • Riding in Itter
    After walking a lap through Itter, refreshment is waiting for the ponies at the fountain in the village.