Carta dei sentieri - St. Johann in Tirol, Oberndorf, Kirchdorf, Erpfendorf

KAT Walk Stage 1: Combining tradition

KAT Walk Stage 1: Combining tradition

This varied route leads slightly upwards through forests and meadows, and past the magnificent farms of the Penningberg mountain. After a short level section towards Innerpenningberg, the second ascent begins to the rustic Haagalm. Without any serious difference in altitude you will reach Höhenbrandalm, where the descent via a forest road to the stage's finish point of Kelchsau begins. In Kelchsau you will find some stunning wooden houses and farms.


  • Durata5:00h

  • Distanza17,5km

  • altitudine800m650m

  • Punto più alto1338m

Gruttenrunde 4

Gruttenrunde 4

Erkunden Sie das wunderschöne Bichlach und genießen Sie dabei eine großartige Aussicht.


  • Durata2:30h

  • Distanza7,5km

  • altitudine200m

  • Punto più alto900m


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