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Signposting and difficulty levels for bike riding in Tirol

The official mountain bike routes in the Kitzbüheler Alpen are sub-divided into difficulty levels. These levels can be found on the route signposting. The guidelines used in categorising the difficulty levels of these mountain bike routes are not exact, nor do they provide any assurance; they are a standard which is used to grade them into blue, red, black and yellow routes. A detailed explanation of the difficulty levels can be seen here.

Explanation of the signposting and difficulty levels in the in the Kitzbüheler Alpen


Blue route - easy, family-friendly cycle trail which can be tackled by average riders and which has a good surface (fine gravel, asphalt and comparable surfaces). Ascents and descents of between 0% and 5%, on short routes a maximum of 10%. Alternating climbs and descents; no continuous climbs. Routes are car-free and not too busy. No particularly hazardous areas; where there are hazardous areas these have a special demarcation (e.g. signpost).


Red route - moderately difficult. Requires a respectable level of riding experience and particularly assertive riding. Mountain bike equipment recommended. Ascents and descents of between 5% and 12%; on short routes a maximum of 17%. Sections of the routes may not have great visibility and there may be lots of bends on sections of the route. Traffic may take up the entire width of the road. Route facilities, including condition of the tracks, drainage facilities (e.g. flushing systems), cut-offs (e.g. barriers),safety facilities (e.g. missing rails and fences) and information about hazardous points which are exclusively organised for work traffic, including tractors and lorries - which may be hazardous areas for riders.


Black route - difficult. Difficult, challenging mountain bike route with a lot of sections where you exceed the maximum gradients found on the red routes and whose route characteristics are even more difficult. Mountain bike equipment mandatory. Ride according to the conditions and expect the unexpected.


Single Trail - extremely difficult Extreme and demanding routes, which are no longer passable by vehicles. Have the characteristics of a steep alpine path, with all the alpine hazards. Risk of falls, no safety facilities such as rails are available; very steep. Factor in obstacles such as high ledges, roots and boulders. Not always passable; in part - depending on your riding ability - there are sections where you will have to push or carry your bike. Routes are often difficult to pass due to weather conditions.


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