E-Car Sharing

Exploring PillerseeTal by E-Car

You want to stay mobile even when on holidays but don’t like taking the bus or train? Then you can use the local service by the tourism association, municipality and Regiotech and explore the region with an E-Car. The BMWi3 is available to our guests to borrow for a small contribution towards costs and can be booked directly when here. In the online calendar you can search all available timeslots around the clock. The E-Car is based in Fieberbrunn and after reservation can also be picked up here. Explore PillerseeTal easily and hassle-free!

Good to know

  • checkVehicle: BMW i3 - 125 kw

  • checkRange: about 250 km

  • checkCharging time: at the charging station 2-3 hours, domestic socket 6-7 hours

  • checkLocation: village square Fieberbrunn

  • checkRental: through Fieberbrunn municipality, Regio-Tech or tourism association

  • checkCosts: Euro 20.00 per half day (8-12 am or 1 to 5 pm)

  • checkMaximum rental time: two half days

  • checkNo additional costs, no deposit

  • checkInsurance: comprehensive cover with deductible included

  • checkReservations absolutely required

  • checkThe BMW i3 has a digital vignette.


This way to the calendar for E-Car Sharing

Charging stations

Public E-Car charging stations of the region

In PillerseeTal, several public E-Car charging stations are available. At the town hall in Fieberbrunn you can charge your car in the underground carpark or at the public parking lot right by the main street, behind the tourism association. Both charging stations are available at no cost. In Waidring the Bergbahnen Steinplatte provide a free electric charging station - exclusively for customers. Because for holders of a valid ticket for the Bergbahnen Steinplatte, this service is free! The charging station is located right at the valley station next to the Biatron. In Hochfilzen you also have the opportunity to charge your car at no cost at the Regio Tech. In St. Ulrich am Pillersee you can use the Smatrix-charging station just behind the tourism office.



St. Ulrich am Pillersee


Questions and answers

Good to know

  • The cost is € 20.00 per half day.
    A half day generally runs from 8 to 12 am or 1 to 5 pm.

    No additional costs or deposits are charged.

  • The car can be rented for a maximum of two half-days.

    One half-day is generally from 8 to 12 or 1 to 5 pm.

  • The BMWi3 can be booked in the info office Fieberbrunn, at Fieberbrunn town hall or in the Regiotech Hochfilzen.

  • In the online calendar you can see the timeslots still available around the clock.

  • At a charging station approx. 2-3 hours. At a domestic socket 6-7 hours.

  • The range of the BMWi3 is about 250 km. In normal driving mode and when it’s not too cold, the distance Fieberbrunn - Innsbruck and back can be driven without recharging.

  • Yes, the BMW i3 has a digital vignette. This means that you can also drive on motorways without any problems.

  • The BMWi3 has 170 HP (125 kw).

  • No, the rental fee for the BMWi3 can only be paid in cash.

  • Yes, the E-Car can also be rented on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
    Please note the opening hours of the Fieberbrunn information office so that you can collect the key in good time.

Being mobile locally

Exploring the region for free by bus and train

Even though getting here with your own car is very convenient, you can also rest assured giving it a few days holiday during your stay in PillerseeTal. With your valid guest card you can use the buses and trains for free. Use our three railway stations in the region to explore the Kitzbühel Alps at no cost. The buses are also included in your guest card

Guest card = ticket

Guest card = ticket
Guest card = ticket

Treat your car to a few days holiday, too, and use the free mobility offer for the public transport within the Kitzbühel Alps.