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Running and walking in PillerseeTal

Whether it is running, jogging or Nordic Walking: the many and diverse running and walking routes in Fieberbrunn, Hochfilzen, St. Jakob in Haus, St. Ulrich am Pillersee and Waidring are a very special delight. Head through the wonderful landscape of PillerseeTal with one or two poles. The five towns are enticing, with their very well signposted routes which are suitable for everyone!

Our guided Nordic Walking events:

Nordic Walking and run routes in Fieberbrunn


  • Length: 8 km
  • Metres altitude: 40m
  • Difficulty level: Easy
Start: Outdoor and indoor pool "Aubad", heading for the football pitch - along the left banks of the Ache to Rosenegg - continue to the end of the town to Granbach bridge. Turn here and head back to the "Aubad".

Granbach - sulphur pool

  • Length: 8 km
  • Metres altitude: 150m
  • Difficulty level: Moderate
Proceed on the blue route initially to Granbach bridge. Continue left, on a 1km incline to the Granbach farmsteads and via the woodland trail to the sulphur pool - Tragstätt - Mittermoos - Römerweg bridge and back to the "Aubad".


  • Length: 11 km
  • Metres altitude: 400m
  • Difficulty level: Difficult
Start: Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn car park to Lauchsee - take a left after the lake to Zillstatt - Streuböden - down the hill to Berggasthof Ferchlstadl (only managed in winter) and via Grutten back to the car park.

Nordic Walking and running routes in Hochfilzen (GPS data!)

Hochfilzen - Pfaffenschwendt

  • Length: 8.4 km
  • Metres altitude: 120m
  • Difficulty level: Moderate
These route tempts you to train and starts in the town centre at the Hotel Edelweiß. The route provides plenty of variety, with short climbs and descents, you get to enjoy being out and about in the incomparable surroundings along the railway line to Pfaffenschwendt via Rotrain and through. Head back to the Streckenübersichtstagel at the village square on stable terrain. At kilometres 0.9 and 2.3 there is the option of shortening the route. Download GPS track (by

Tischler circuit

  • Length: 8.3 km
  • Metres altitude: 130m
  • Difficulty level: Difficult
This circuit starts in Warming and heads uphill initially. Pass shingle-covered alpine lodges like the Kantalm, the managed Hoametzlhütte, the Hörlalm and the Oberbödenalm. The route proceeds downhill again from here and back to the start via Unterwarming. In winter the route is prepared as a winter hiking trail up to the Hoametzlhütte.

Griessensee - Rupertus circuit

  • Length: 8.2 km
  • Metres altitude: 55m
  • Difficulty level: Easy
This slightly truncated route starts at the village square, proceeds through the town for a while, straight through the railway underpass and then (at around kilometre 1.0) out into the unspoilt natural landscape, past Grießensee and through the charming and interesting bird sanctuary. Turn at the 4.1 kilometre point. The route is perfectly suited to perking yourself up and as a route where you can take a deep breath and it is also suitable for winter. The 1.0 kilometre point is also great as an access point.

Warming - Energiebrunnen circuit

  • Length: 5.1 km
  • Metres altitude: 65m
  • Difficulty level: Easy
This circuit, which starts at Warmingerhof, makes you feel great. Slightly truncated, at the 1.5 kilometre point head downhill to Wiesensee. Proceed past the Kneipp facilities and the climbing garden and then back on good terrain. There is the option of shortening the route at the 1.6 kilometre point.

Nordic Walking and running routes in St. Jakob in Haus

Flecken sports ground

  • Length: 3.2 km
  • Metres altitude: 20 metres
  • Difficulty level: Easy
Start heading for St. Ulrich am Pillersee - pass the valley station for Bergbahn Pillersee/Buchensteinwand to Flecken - take a left there, toward the country road and to St. Jakob in Haus - take another left and again head up to the valley station and back to the starting point.

Mühlau sports grounds

  • Length: 4.0 km
  • Metres altitude: 80m
  • Difficulty level: Moderate
Start heading toward the church in St. Jakob in Haus - go between the local council offices and Gasthof Zur Post, take a left until you reach the branch-off to Mühlau - cross the country road - head past Hörlhof, uphill - take a left along the panorama route to Kröpflstüberl - then take a left back to the starting point.

Filzen sports grounds

  • Length: 6.0 km
  • Metres altitude: 140m
  • Difficulty level: Difficult
Start heading for the village centre and Filzen - take a left at Sanhartbauer - Moosbach - take a right, short section on the pavement - take a left at the sawmill on the woodland trail heading for St. Jakob in Haus and via the Mühlau circuit back to the village centre.

Nordic Walking and running routes in St. Ulrich am Pillersee

Pillersee Adolari circuit

  • Length: 8.5 km
  • Metres altitude: 55m
  • Difficulty level: Moderate
Start at the sports grounds - proceed straight on to the Kneipp facilities - left to Pillersee - on the right side along the lake to the car park for the Teufelsklamm - cross the road to Gasthof Adolari - via the panorama trail to Latschenbad - take a left to get back to the starting point.

Nordic Walking and run routes in Waidring


  • Length: 6.5 km
  • Metres altitude: 45m
  • Difficulty level: Easy
Start at the village fountain - take a left via Hintergasse to Steinplatte - take a right before the underpass on the main road - bridge over Haselbach - left along the Achendamm to Hausstatt - turning point - left to the Kneipp facilities - Schäferau - Unterwasser - via Elmbach trail Achendamm - back to the starting point.

Strub circuit

  • Length: 10.5 km
  • Metres altitude: 137m
  • Difficulty level: Moderate
Start at the village fountain on the Hausstatt circuit to Hausstatt - continue on the Achendamm to the Strubwirt - back initially along Strubstrasse - left from the forest trail to the Kneipp facilities - continue straight on - at Schäferaukapelle up to the hiking path - down to Hackenschmiede - right into Achenweg and right along Pillerseestrasse to the starting point.

Kaiserblick circuit

  • Length: 9.5 km
  • Metres altitude: 240m
  • Difficulty level: Difficult
Waidring centre - Hintergasse - take a left from here in a westerly direction to Schredergasse (cable car crossing to the Steinplatte) - follow the altitude road for a short section (around 150m), then branch off to the left on the Kaiserblick trail - past the Schrederleiten settlement and the Stöcklleiten settlement, down the Stöcklweg trail to the main road - cross here and continue through Hausergasse (Wiesenweg trail) to Blachholzkapelle - keep left again here - on the gravel trail to the Hausberg (take a right beneath the T-bar lift route) - from here continue to the Talsenalm on soft forest floor - follow the "Hausberg and Waidring" signposts back to the centre.

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