Myth of the "Streif"

Wander across the world's most famous ski slope

The legendary "Streif" is regarded as the world's toughest and most famous downhill race course! The KAT-Walk offers unique insights into the mythical world of the "Hahnenkamm Race". When you stand at the starting gate at 1,665m, looking in the direction of the finish line, your gaze is drawn towards the "Mausefalle" or "Mouse-trap", the steepest part of the course with a downhill gradient of 85%. Try to imagine what it must be like to arrive at that point on skis at a speed of up to 140 kph. Simply amazing!

The "Streif" - just the name of the field

Known all over the world and yet just the name of a field. The identification of the world-famous downhill track originates from a farmer in Brixen, named "Straiff". Today, the track still passes the "Streifalm" at the higher levels.

The "Mouse-trap", according to tradition, was christened by Toni Sailer Senior, the father of the local ski legend, Toni Sailer. The section of the track reminded him of an old mouse trap, into which the ski racers plunge, just like mice. This track is in use since the 1950's!

Facts for the highlight

Stage 4 Level of altitude 1,665 m Position after approx. 2/3 of the route


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