Salvenkirchlein on the summit of the Hohe Salve

Hopfgarten im Brixental, Gipfel Hohe Salve

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Sommer Hohe Salve


The Salvenkirchlein, also known as the pilgrimage church of St. John the Baptist or St. John's Chapel, is a historic church on the Hohe Salve in Tyrol at an altitude of 1829 metres.
The Salvenkirchlein is the highest pilgrimage church in Austria. The church was built in 1777 and is an important place of spirituality and reflection. The interior decoration of the Salvenkirchlein is of great artistic and historical importance. The high altar was created by the Tyrolean artist Johann Kirchebner and is a masterpiece of the Baroque style. The beautiful frescoes on the ceiling of the church were created by the famous painter Joseph Adam Mölk in 1778 and show scenes from the life of John the Baptist.
The Salvenkirchlein is a place of contemplation and silence that has a special meaning for many Tyroleans and pilgrims from far away.

The Salvenkirchlein is located directly on the summit of the Hohe Salve and can be reached with the Salvenbahn I and II from Hopfgarten. Of course, you can also reach the pilgrimage church on foot during a wonderful hike.

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