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One act of kindness lives on forever.

A young boy risks everything to save a Jewish girl in Nazi-occupied France.

Julian has struggled to belong ever since he was expelled from his former school for his treatment of Auggie Pullman. To try to help him, his grandmother finally reveals her own story — during her youth in Nazi-occupied France, a boy shelters her from mortal danger. They find first love in a stunning, magical world of their own creation, while the boy’s mother risks everything to keep her safe.

Marc Forster’s astute craftsmanship delivers a handsome film that hits the desired poignant and inspirational notes without labouring them.

Dennis Harvey – Rotten Tomatoes

English original with German ST
USA 2023; 120 min.; Director: Marc Forster
Cast: Gillian Anderson, Helen Mirren, Bryce Gheisar a. o.

Price: € 10,00

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