Golffestival - Westendorf Open

Westendorf, Holzham 120




Informatie over het evenement

Golf - Festival 2024

27 & 28 July

Golf Festival in Westendorf: Perfect combination of sport and entertainment

FRIDAY, 26 July Practice round for all registered participants (players)
SATURDAY, 27 July DAY 1 Numerical competition over 18 holes

Golf festival: from 15:00 Food, drinks, LIVE music

SUNDAY, 28th July DAY 2 18-hole play-off

The golf festival will take place from July 27th to 28th, 2024 at the golf club in Westendorf. Under the motto “A special tournament for MID amateurs”, the Westendorf Golf Club in collaboration with the DCC Atzenbrugg alternately invites you to a sporting event. The weekend promises not only exciting competitions, but also a meeting of great people, refreshing drinks, relaxed music and a cozy atmosphere. The festival begins on Friday, July 26th, with a practice round for all registered players. This gives participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the course and prepare for the tournament. Saturday, July 27th, is dedicated to the first day of the tournament. In the afternoon from 3:00 p.m. the driving range becomes the festival area. The highlight will be the well-known band “BriXiT” from 6:30 p.m., who will provide musical entertainment with free admission. Locals, guests, golfers and non-golfers alike, everyone is welcome. Sunday, July 28th marks the end of the event. Also on this day there is an 18-hole counting competition on the program, which will bring the final decision in the tournament and the WESTENDORF OPEN champion will be crowned. The Golf Festival in Westendorf offers an ideal opportunity for golf enthusiasts to experience an exciting tournament in a relaxed environment. Those interested can find further information and details about the event on the golf club’s website at:

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