Timoks alpine coaster

Fieberbrunn, Lindau 17

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Timoks Coaster Sommer

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Openingstijden01.11.2022 - 07.12.2022

Openingstijden08.12.2022 - 10.04.2023Ma12:00 - 15:45Di12:00 - 15:45Woe12:00 - 15:45Do12:00 - 15:45Vrij12:00 - 15:45Za12:00 - 15:45Zo12:00 - 15:45

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"Full speed ahead" is our motto in summer at the Streuböden mid-station. Timoks Alpine Coaster takes you downhill very fast but safe and comfortably up again. You choose your own speed. But watch out for the trappy "Kaiserquelle", the "Riesenschlange" (big snake) and the "360°-carousel". And do not forget to laugh, because at the end you can take a souvenir photo of your fast ride!

Length: 1,160 m
Difference in elevation: 115 m
Time: 7 min.

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