Hike & Breathe Retreat

Hopfgarten im Brixental, Kurzer Grund 29

Hike&Breathe Retreat (c) Christoph Immler


VrijZaZo08:00 Tijdstip

Informatie over het evenement

A time-out without distractions. The secluded location far away from the hustle and bustle offers you the perfect environment to immerse yourself in silence. Experience the power of breathing and strengthen your relationship with yourself. Connect with nature and learn how conscious breathing can boost your energy and calm your thoughts.

The offline retreat (2 days without a mobile phone) in the mountains includes a hike to the hut, breathwork, relaxation exercises, cold bathing and a sunrise hike. The retreat is also suitable for couples.

Price: € 490 per person incl. all workshops and hikes.
The hut is to be paid for directly on site, € 67,-.

Register here to take a short break from everyday life and get more information.

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