Trail recommendations

Special trails with that certain extra in Extra im PillerseeTal

PillerseeTal offers, in addition to more than 100 kilometres of trails, some special trails with that certain extra. For example, a solar-powered night trail can be explored in the centre of Hochfilzen. In the tracks of world-class biathlete Dominik-Landertinger you can embark on the trail of the same name in Hochfilzen. But this requires a proper helping of strength and fitness.

Floodlit cross-country ski trail

You can also be out and about on the cross-country ski trail in the PillerseeTal in the evening. The solar-lit night trail in Hochfilzen can also be used after dark.

On the tracks of the Olympic champion

Hochfilzen, the snowiest town in Tirol, is home to world-class biathlete Dominik Landertinger. Dominik not only has his roots here in PillerseeTal, but he also trains regularly on the optimally prepared trails of PillerseeTal. At the local World Championships 2017 in Hochfilzen he registered one of his greatest successes: a bronze medal in the relay - priceless for a home race! That’s why in his honour a trail in Hochfilzen was renamed to "Dominik Landertinger trail".


Get a whiff of some biathlon air yourself and prove your marksmanship at the firing range just like the world-class athletes. After a lap in the trail, hitting the target is not all that easy anymore as it may look on TV. In Hochfilzen you can participate in this on a weekly basis and pit yourself against other guests. Of course, fun always takes centre stage.

Cross Park Pillersee

Cross-country technique course

Cross-country technique course
Cross-country technique course

The first permanent cross-country technique course in the PillerseeTal! At the various stations, children and the young at heart, experts and beginners alike can playfully venture through a course of different obstacles. From a simple slalom to a fast wave course and steep curves, the 800 m course offers lots of fun and variety.


On the trails in PillerseeTal NO DOGS are allowed! We kindly request all winter hikers to use only the designated winter hiking trails for this. Many thanks!