Church consecrated to Vitus & Nicolaus

Waidring, Pillerseestraße 6

Blick auf die Pfarrkirche


Since 1381 inhabitants of Waidring are able to celebrate the holy mass at Waidring (in former times they had to walk to Kirchdorf). 1478 - construction of a gothic church 1759 - start of construction works for a church in Barock-style (by Kassian Singer, completed by Andreas Huber) 1764 - consecration of the new church At the end of the 19th century, the old frescoes have been painted over (the Rokoko-style was not longer desired) - in the year 1950, those original frescoes have been exposed and renewed in 1990. The floor of the church is made from rocks of the Steinplatte. The carved benches are more than 150 yrs. old. Altar: - rare 4-column-altar with canopy in Rokoko-style - altar-painting: "Mother of God with Jesus Christ" from an unknown painter - sculptures of saints: St.Vitus (patron of the church), St. Nikolaus, St. Georg (with dragon), St.Florian (with burning house), St. Petrus (with golden coat), St.Paul Pulpit made of valuable red marble. Frescoes on the ceiling: - St. Vitus and St. Nikolaus - heaven's gate with angels and dove - Mother Mary Belfry: - 5 bells made of bronze, donated by Dr. Kreuter in 1938 - during the 2nd world-war 4 bells have been removed and melted - after the war, Dr. Kreuter replaced them once more

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