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Local testing

Primary care physicians in the Kitzbühel Alps who provide tests for SARS-Cov-2

If you experience any flu-like symptoms during your stay and if you don’t feel well, please call the health hotline 1450 which is available around the clock. There, experts will tell you which steps to take next. Should there be actual reason to believe that you have been infected with Covid 19, then the test will be free of charge.

Of course, if you wish, you can also carry out a (chargeable) test at the local doctors, test streets or pharmacies without symptoms and as a precaution. The costs for the smear tests usually start at € 30,- for a rapid antigen test and € 120,- for a PCR test. Below you will find a list of doctors, test routes and pharmacies in the regions of the Kitzbühel Alps where tests for the coronavirus are possible.

Further helpful information on this topic can be found here.


Dr. Brajer Peter

Dr. Brajer Peter
Dr. Brajer Peter
Open todayWestendorf


Fast corona tests for your safety
Currently, "negative" corona tests are often expected to be used to avoid quarantines on return from travel. Official test routes are rare. Sometimes people wait quite a long time for the test results. Not so in the Brixen Valley: coming winter there will be the unique opportunity to be tested quickly and easily directly on site. The actual test only takes a few moments. You will receive the test result reliably within a few hours (binding by the end of the same day). And: The test company as well as the test are officially approved and supported by the Austrian Federal Government.

Important facts:

  • Test result is obtained a few hours after testing
  • Up to 400 tests per hour, up to 4,000 tests per day possible
  • Officially approved by the Federal Ministry for Tourism, Regions and Agriculture
  • Flexible, mobile high-tech laboratory: The "LAB Truck" is where our guests are.
  • Tests by throat swab or belt test possible

Test possibilities in the Brixental:

  • Weekdays, every day, directly in the laboratory in Kirchberg
  • Every Friday from the beginning of the winter season, directly at the ultra-modern "LAB Truck" at the valley station of the Westendorf mountain railway

St. Johann in Tirol

Hohe Salve

Free testing stations for antigen tests in the vicinity

  • checkScreening Centre Wörgl, Bahnhofstraße 37 (former Hervis), MO - FR: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., SA/SO/holiday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • checkScreening street Kitzbühel, car park Schwarzsee, MO - SO: 7 am to 4 pm

  • checkScreeningstraße Kufstein, Münchnerstraße 22, MO - SO: 8 am to 5 pm

  • checkScreening centre St. Johann, Bahnhofstraße 3 (Kaisersaal), MO - SO: 8 am to 4 pm

The evaluation of the antigen tests takes place on site in the screening streets. The notifications are handled automatically, the test persons receive either a phone call or a notification SMS, depending on the contact, in which the test result - positive or negative - can be retrieved.

Screening Streets | Test Stations

Here you can find all testing stations that offer free antigen tests in Tyrol.


PCR test & Antigen test

Here you will find an overview of all practising doctors in Tyrol who carry out a PCR test as well as an antigen test.



Testing options by the doctors in the PillerseeTal

Antigen testing can be done at the doctors in the PillerseeTal.

- The registration can be done via the Corona Hotline: +43 (0)5354/208 55
- Costs per test: € 45.00 plus € 15.00 surcharge for weekends and holidays

Dr. Lechner

Dr. Lechner
Dr. Lechner
Open todaySt. Ulrich am Pillersee

Dr. Manfred Klema

Dr. Manfred Klema
Dr. Manfred Klema

Dr. Schwab

Dr. Schwab
Dr. Schwab
Open todayFieberbrunn

Dr. Ernst

Dr. Ernst
Dr. Ernst
Open todayFieberbrunn

PCR tests (without symptoms) can also be carried out at the following doctors in the PillerseeTal:

- Ärztegemeinschaft Rosenegg (smear test & laboratory: € 125,-)
- Dr. Lechner - St. Ulrich am Pillersee (smear test & laboratory: € 110,-)
- Dr. Klema - Waidring (smear test & laboratory: € 120,-)

In case of symptoms: dial 1450!

Safe hospitality

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