Eisgarten Hopfgarten

Ice skating and icestock

Sports on ice for everyone in the Holiday Region Hohe Salve

Looking for an alternative to skiing? Preferably something active, that guarantees fun and entertainment? Then throw yourself into some "icy" fun and try your luck at ice-skating and icestock sports. These two ice sports guarantee entertaining moments with the family, friends or in a group. In the Holiday Region Hohe Salve you’ll find several facilities where you can pursue precisely these sports. All details about the facilities for the ice sports can be found on this page. Thus nothing stands in the way of your ice-skating adventure or a sporting icestock competition anymore.

  • Icestock sport in the Holiday Region Hohe Salve
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  • Icestock sport in the Holiday Region Hohe Salve

Good to know

  • checkParking options: directly on site, free

  • checkWC-facilities: available

  • checkReservations: required at icestock rinks, please contact the respective rink operator

  • checkice-skating equipment: ice skates, waterproof winter clothes, gloves, or poss. helmet

  • checkIcestock equipment: non-slip shoes, warm and comfortable clothing, icestock with stock-body, handle and bottom glide-plate, Daube (target)

  • checkRentals: Icestocks can be rented directly from the icestock rinks on request

Ice-skating rinks

Eisgarten Hopfgarten

Eisgarten Hopfgarten
Eisgarten Hopfgarten

The ice rink in Hopfgarten sguarantees a lot of fun and entertainment right at the ski practice slope Högerfeld. Have a go at gentle winter sports on natural ice and enjoy some exercise in the fresh air.


Ice-skating is a leisure activity, which is popular not only with children, but also often brings back beautiful childhood memories for adults. When the often somewhat wobbly first steps on ice transform into flowing movements, then you can truly enjoy the activity in the fresh air and the fabulous backdrop. No matter if you skate your laps on skates, skilfully glide across the ice in pirouettes or are looking for action armed with ice hockey stick and puck – in the Holiday Region Hohe Salve you’ll find the right ice-skating rink for your enjoyment!

Rinks for ice stock sports

Ice stock sport has its roots in Scandinavia and today is particularly common in the Alpine region. This precision sport is played by two teams competing against each other. At the end of the ice stock lane there is a target field with a target disc. The aim for the players is to place the ice stock as close as possible to the target disc. If a player manages to place his ice stock closer to the target disc than his opponents, he collects points for the team. Every player has one try per round and a match consists of six rounds. The winning team is determined based on the number of points collected. The sport of ice stock also has a long tradition in the Holiday Region Hohe Salve. In the townships of Kirchbichl, Wörgl and Mariastein, you’ll find suitable ice stock rinks, on which you can try your hand at this entertaining sport.


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