Wandern in der Region Hohe Salve - Hopfgarten

Indulgence and lodge hikes

Your culinary hiking experience in the Holiday Region Hohe Salve

Combining hiking and indulgence, that’s not difficult. When hiking on the paths right through nature and getting further and further away from everyday life, you’ll find pleasure behind every corner. The stunning views, the peace and quiet, nature, the summit experience. But pleasure also means sitting down every now and then, taking a break and recharging your batteries. And hardly anywhere else does this come easier than in the many mountain lodges and alpine inns of the Holiday Region Hohe Salve. You want to experience indulgence hiking on your summer holidays? Good that in the Kitzbühel Alps so many hikes lead directly to an Alpine inn or past one. This allows you to stop off at any time and indulge exceptionally. Have the Tirolean treats served up, sample regional alpine products and slake your thirst with refreshing beverages. A lodge hike in the Holiday Region Hohe Salve is a hiking experience that you’ll remember for a long time to come.

Good to know:

  • checkRustic mountain lodges and Alpine inns to stop off at

  • checkeasy to get to via well-maintained hiking trails

  • checkculinary treats with indulgence-guarantee

  • checksome also accessible by cable car

  • Wandern in der Region Hohe Salve - Hopfgarten
  • Tirolean doughnuts on the Hohe Salve
    At the summit restaurant of the Hohe Salve, Tirolean doughnuts are baked golden brown on the sun terrace.
  • Wandern in der Region Hohe Salve - Hopfgarten

Hikes for pleasure-lovers

Routes and tours with opportunities to stop off at Alpine inns

Hikes do not always have to lead up to a summit. Isn’t it great when you choose a tour and pick a lodge as your destination. Because stopping off there is in no way inferior to a summit conquest on the mountain. Below you’ll find a couple of tour suggestions, which have a mountain lodge or alpine inn as their destination. Simply choose a lodge hike that suits you and plan your next indulgence tour in the Holiday Region Hohe Salve now. Tip: On the panoramic mountain Hohe Salve you’ll find many mountain restaurants and lodges. With the Salvenbahn cable cars I and II you can scale the mountain easily and in comfort and plan varied hikes with cable car support.

Lodge hikes have a very special charm. Not least, it’s also the encounters on the alpine pastures which you’ll enjoy looking back on. Be it the Alpine herdsman and dairyman who always has a suitable remark in store, the summiteer with the many mountain adventures or the lodge landlady who can tell of so many fun experiences with her guests - it’s the people you meet up there who, even though unknown to you, really do not seem all that unfamiliar. On the mountain everyone sticks together and you feel that in particular in the small lodges and alpine farms. Also a great experience is a breakfast high up on the mountain. Farmhouse bread, alp cheese, bacon from happy alpine pigs and with that a glass of fresh milk - what better start to the day? And those who do not want to miss out on this Alpine pleasure even down in the valley, can often buy groceries from in-house production directly at the Alpine lodge.

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