s'Knetstüberl Massage Studio

Hopfgarten im Brixental, Marktplatz 10

s'Knetstüberl (c) s'Knetstüberl/Natalie Heinricher


s'Knetstüberl is a room for classical massages, foot reflexology massages & traditional methods from TCM / acupuncture meridian massages.

It is located directly in the centre of Hopfgarten.

Our everyday life often brings hurdles. Physical strain, psychological stress, environmental influences or accidents, all these characteristics can manifest themselves in the body. Massage is a way to overcome some of these hurdles more easily. A way to balance them for prevention.

Massage helps us to focus our attention inwards, to activate the activate the self-healing powers & make it easier for the tissues to reorganise themselves.

*Appointments by telephone appointment.
*Doctors' referrals are not possible

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