Imkerei Rief - Honey from the Farm

Kelchsau, Kelchsauer Str. 101 a

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Everything a bee lover's hear desires!

Richard Rief 's passion is bees and so he spends a lot of time with the bee colony.
His apiary is located in Kelchsau - the most beautiful place in Tyrol 2020.
The activities in the apiary are carried out according to the temporal development of nature.
This is also called the "phenological calendar" and means that the annual periods are not based on the calendar, but on the observations of nature. And one thing you can believe Richard Rief: "EVERY YEAR IS DIFFERENT".

You can buy more than just honey at the Rief apiary - there are many other products here:
Honey, comb honey, lid wax, block wax, honeycombs, candles, honey liqueur.
You would like to buy bees or honeycombs? - then get in touch directly via the contact form.

Where can you buy the products of the Rief apiary?
Directly at the Rief apiary
If Richard is not at home and the weather and the stock allow it,
there is a small stock and a self-service counter in front of his house.
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