Imkerei Rief - Honey from the Farm - Museum

Kelchsau, Kelchsauer Str. 101 a

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Situated right along the road to Kelchsau there is the Imkerei Rief, a bee farm where honey is harvested from almost 45 bee colonies. The so-called Steckl Farm provides the ideal microclimate which is essential for the optimal development of the bee colonies and high-quality honey products.

Do you understand the language of the bees?

The wall charts will introduce you to the fascinating world of the bees. Observe the busy insects in the display case and with a little luck you might even get a glance of the queen bee.

In case you feel like taking back home some of the many times rewarded honey you can purchase it right from the farmyard.

The Imkerei Rief bee farm is looking forward to your visit.

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