Gruberhof - The Tyrolean noble manufactory

Wörgl, Lahntal 13

Edelbrände (c) pixabay


The Tyrolean noble brandy manufactory was born out of a sandbox friendship.

At the Gruberhof, raw materials are processed into fine brandies in the distillery with full heart and soul, a lot of manual work and high-quality equipment
Daniel and Stefan process the fruit from over 150 fruit trees on the farm.
Their motto is: "If you love what you do it is not a chore".

The regular and sustainable products at the Gruberhof include:
Pome fruit brandies such as apple, pear, Williams, quince, Obstler
Brandies from stone fruit such as plum, cherry, apricot, mirabelle plum
Brandy specialities such as raspberry and rowanberry
Distilled Gin from 2019

Where can the noble brandies be purchased?
You can buy the products in selected shops.
Direct sales - You can also order the products directly at the farm.
For this, Stefan and Daniel ask you to order in advance, as your order will then be delivered to you.

Source & further information at: Gruberhof

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