Chapel KRAFTalm

Itter, Barmerberg 24

Kapelle Kraftalm (c)Hannes Dabernig


The beautifully situated chapel at the KRAFTalm belongs to the Association of Cheese and Dairy Professionals and was consecrated by the Archbishop of Salzburg in 1983.

The Kraftalm chapel symbolises

- Place of reflection and prayer
- Meeting place for joint celebrations to promote the professional community
- a place of excursions for families and also for the farming community
- A place of solidarity for all those who work in the dairy industry
- Place of reflection and remembrance

Further information on the chapel can also be found at

Every year in August, the dairy pilgrimage to the Kraftalm chapel takes place.

Requests for dates for celebrations should be addressed to the KRAFTalm.
The Kraftalm chapel can be visited during the day, during the opening hours of the Almhotel KRAFTalm.

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