Bakery Mitterer, Innsbruckerstraße

Wörgl, Innsbrucker Straße 1

Brot (c) pixabay


At Bäckerei Mitterer, you'll find a diverse selection of healthy bread, croissants, rolls, and delectable treats from the confectionery.

Enjoy at our bakery...

  • Coffee to go
  • Delicious snacks for those small in-between cravings
  • Edible gift ideas for various occasions such as Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day, and more.
  • Custom-made cakes, marzipan figures, and homemade chocolates available on request
  • Party pretzels – please order these 1-2 days in advance.

For your breakfast at home, our bakery offers not only a wide range of bread and pastries but also honey, jam, butter, and fresh milk.

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